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Reading: "Big Medicine"

I'm currently reading the Louis L'Amour book "Big Medicine," which I got new-but-cheap at WalMart one night when we were shopping there. (Imagine! It's not on my Kindle... smile...)

I wondered why, and discovered it was a collection of several short stories originally published in magazines. Someone bought up the rights, it appears, so they were able to publish independently (which I guess explains the small cost to the reader). I didn't know that when I bought the book, of course. But it's all legal, and these are good stories I'm glad to read.

It looks like I might have them separately in other places, by the way. I saw at least one of the stories listed in short story collections (I own several) -- and I tend to read those slowly. I like to savor these, as it were. (smile)

I was fascinated enough by the actual story "Big Medicine" to share it with Marilyn. I read it out loud to her tonight when she got home from work (around 8:30 p.m.). It wasn't that long, so I was hopeful she wouldn't drift off before I got to the end -- and I think she liked it enough to force herself to stay awake. (grin)

His writing was a bit rougher in this story than many I've read. I notice small errors he normally wouldn't make (repeating words in a sentence, like 'stone' or whatever). Not large enough to make for bad writing, but I find them somewhat jarring.

Regardless, the man is such a fine writer that it ultimately doesn't matter. He tells a good story and he gives amazing descriptions -- aside from how well he knows his stuff for the time period. You never worry that he'll employ historically incorrect information in his writing, because that simply would never happen...

I was still under the weather today, but feeling somewhat better. I had terrible belly pains last night (!!!), but it was better today, thankfully. I'm still a bit dizzy, but nothing awful. I did take Meclizine (as Marilyn has suggested), but I didn't really get to lie down for long during the day. I seemed to have too many things to do. I tackled necessary IT matters (QuickBooks wasn't working for Rosanna, so I needed to get Kris to help out). And I rearranged some minor furniture here at home, did a load of dishes and picked up in the kitchen a bit.

I'm continuing to do a little bit of cleaning and/or organizing around the house. I really need to get in and do something about my bedroom, which is a minor disaster. I can't seem to get my clothes in any kind of order. (sigh) But it's hard to do much when you're not feeling all that well...

I'm happy to report that my WORK email is currently:
Unread: 26
Inbox: 56

My Unread at work is my 'To Do' (as I've mentioned before). That is totally a RECORD low for me for both!

My HOME email is currently:
Inbox: 42

At home, my Inbox is my 'To Do' (again, I've mentioned this before). You'll note that the numbers at home and work aren't the same, which has to do with personal things I need to tackle that aren't work-related.

I looked for the recent numbers I thought I'd shared, but couldn't locate them -- so I can't remember when I last did this, or what the most recent numbers were. However, I doubt they could have been better than these!

I have IT I need to do, but am pretty caught up with the festival website. I know I'll have things coming up, but I don't have submitted Copy at this time, so there's nothing much for me to do. I need to create a new webpage for our (new) mascot, which should be simple enough. There's another BIG news item being announced tomorrow, so that will need doing (no Copy at this point, but I do have a graphic I can potentially use -- and should be able to get photos tomorrow).

The smaller websites I'm webmaster for will need some work soon, but I'm still waiting for Copy submissions...

I didn't eat much today, but I WAS able to eat -- so that's good. I had some minor bouts of nausea, but no vomiting. I had some other issues, but that's under control, so no worries...

Sleep helps a lot when you're even slightly ill, so my afternoon nap was a good thing (if not as long as I'd have liked).

I need to color my hair, so may do that now...

And Marilyn says I can skip going in to work tomorrow, but I'd hate to do that. I guess we'll see how I am in the morning.

Oh! And I worked on Rich's laptop (gifted from Mark) that he had AGAIN screwed up. It had ThinkPoint on it, so I had to remove it. (sigh) I wish Rich could learn not to DL things like that, but I guess I expect too much... (I wonder how many total hours I've put into this laptop now, with his two mess-ups???)

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