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Feeling a Little Punk Today...

I'm far from deathly ill, or anything. But decidedly feel a little under the weather. Vaguely nauseous and achy and tired (yawning like mad, even though I slept in and had a couple of naps).

So Marilyn and I didn't go to the office to work this weekend, even though we probably should have. Oh well. We worked hard last week and will work hard this week, so I think a weekend off is fine...

Because I didn't feel good we didn't end up going to the show today with sister Sue. We did go last night to the McMenamins Kennedy School Theater-Pub to see "The Rite." What fun to have beer and pizza while watching a good movie! We still want to go see "The King's Speech" again with Sue, but it should be around for some time.

We did watch tennis (Indian Wells) on TV today -- but I actually fell asleep (!!!) during the Finals! How does that suck? Well, as Rafa lost, I guess that's not as bad as it good have been...

Marilyn and I also downloaded a new HOG (hidden object game): Vacation Quest - The Hawaiian Islands (from SpinTop Games) that we played it today. It's been great fun! I can't wait to play it again.

If any of you have tried HOGs, they really are fun. Apparently women seem to like them more than men (???), and I have to admit that Marilyn and I have played several -- and continue to enjoy them. We actually like the 'sameness' from game to game (being familiar with certain objects that are in all versions of HOGs), even though we've played some that are different from the rest.

We just dashed to Freddies to get a few 'emergency' items right before they closed. Seriously, they were almost ready to boot us (and several others) out the door. (grin) So I wasn't able to buy everything on my list, but we did okay...

Marilyn bought the DVD movie "True Grit" (with John Wayne -- the original version) at the store. We both LOVE that movie to pieces -- and know it almost by heart, we've watched it so often over the years. More amazing when you realize we've never owned it before this (!!!), but only watched it on TV! (Of course, we also saw it in theaters many, many times way back when -- but that barely counts toward how many times we've seen it.) We can recite almost every line, I'm not kidding.

I'd still like to see the new "True Grit" at some point, by the way. My love of the original doesn't keep me from being interested in the remake.

I guess that's it for today!

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