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A Lazy Saturday... Mostly!

Today was mostly a lazy day. I slept in (woo hoo), and we watched tennis and played a computer game -- good fun!

Of course, at one point I decided to move around some computer equipment in our office. Now that was anything BUT lazy -- it was exhausting! And difficult to do, with moving the desks and lifting Marilyn's new heavy tower, the old woofer-tweeter unit for the fancy speakers we're getting rid of (finally) and adding other speakers.

After hours and finally getting things rearranged, when I turned on Marilyn's older tower and it wouldn't boot, I actually burst into tears. Pathetic, I know, but it was the straw that broke the camel's back. Hopefully the guy that we're going to have come out and network us will be able to fix the problem (fingers crossed). That shouldn't be a big deal, really. I've no idea WHY this would happen, but it's probably related to the tower having the plug pulled out accidentally at some point when we were moving the desk in and out for other things. (sigh)

I'm NOT focusing on that, anyway. The nice part is the rearranging I did and tidying up in our office -- which has made it much nicer and more organized! SCORE!!!

We wanted to go see "The King's Speech" tonight with sister Sue -- but we waited too late to check the times. Maybe tomorrow (???), I guess.

But "The Rite" could be playing where we can see it in second run -- and we've been DYING to see it again! So we might do that tonight, instead.

On that note, I'm off...

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