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The Pendleton Round-Up

Yes, Marilyn mistressmarilyn went to the Pendleton Round-Up this year. First time ever, which is amazing when you consider how long she's been with the festival, which has an on-going with relationship with the Round-up...

Pendleton Round-Up

She was trying on clothes last night and had some cute cowboy-ish clothes to wear! (smile) Hope somebody gets pics...

Tonight was the Happy Canyon Night Show (which we've always just called the Happy Canyon Pageant), which is the Indian portion of the Round-Up festivities.

Tomorrow her day starts off with the Cowboy Breakfast at 6 a.m. (ugh), then comes parade preparation (our Queen will be riding in one of the many wagons, and Marilyn has to make sure the signage is correct and so on). Then the actual parade is at 10:00.

Afterwards she'll attend a luncheon and finally the actual Rodeo at 1:00 p.m. (I guess it runs for several hours.)

Just for a giggle, go and read about the 2005 Pendleton Round-Up Court. This young women take being on the court very seriously -- and it's a family affair that goes back for generations...

Tomorrow night is a big party for V.I.P.s at some country club, apparently. Marilyn took her very dressy cowboy jacket for that. (I think that's about as dressy as it will get, but we don't have a clue. I'll be interested to hear more about it.) Anyway, I can't even find this event on the website, so I'm assuming it's pretty exclusive.

See this logo?

Pendleton Round-Up

Well, I've got the magnet (quite large) right on my file cabinets here in the office. I told her to get a couple more if she had the chance, seeing as they hold things like gang busters! (smile) Probably because they're so big!

She was told the partying is quite a blast, so we'll see what happens. So far she's not very impressed, but I think the first day was more work-related than party-time. (grin)

She was heading to bed when I spoke to her around 11:00 p.m. -- but had thought she might get "Kingdom of Heaven" in her room to watch and put her to sleep... (She loves falling asleep to TV!)

I hope she has a great time! She thinks she'll be back on Saturday, though she can stay over until Sunday is she wishes. (They have the hotel room until then, anyway.) Marilyn thinks she'll be rodeo-ed out by Saturday, though. (grin)

We hope to attend the local celebration for the re-opening of the St. Johns bridge on either Saturday or Sunday. (There are supposedly things going on both days.)

Marilyn said they were actually expecting rain in Pendleton! Surprising, as that's southern Oregon, where it's quite dry and hot much of the time... I doubt it will have any effect on the plans of Marilyn's group, anyway! It's attend, rain or shine. (She's with the VIPs, after all...)

And we're supposed to get rain here, too, on Saturday. (I don't know how the rain will impact our own plans. If it's not too bad I suppose we'll go, but if it's pouring I doubt we'll try.)

I can't believe it's past 1 a.m. now! I'd planned to get to bed around midnight. Ah, the best laid plans and so on...

On another note, I still have a bunch of pictures I want to share! From our trips to Wildlife Safari and up Mt. St. Helens, to name a few...

Well, off to bed!
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