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Browser Caching Has No Cachet for Me...

I was trying to do something that's relatively simple, if a bit tricky, for the festival website. We have a method for handling sponsor links (back to whatever website they want us to link), that allows us to easily track click-throughs. If a sponsor decides to change the link, we don't go to the actual webpage and change it, we go to the sponsor file that directs to it (and is linked at the webpage or webpages in question).

But every single time I tried to 'test' to see if the page I'd just changed was working, I would end up at the old address -- and not the new one!

The first time I did clear Firefox's cache, because I'd forgotten to add the trailing forward slash (which can keep an URL from displaying correctly). After that I kept simply closing the browser and opening it again, figuring that would surely clear the cache. WRONG!!!

Personally, I'd prefer to set my browser NOT to cache, because when I'm doing website work (which I am constantly doing), it would save me the steps of manually clearing it -- over and over and over again. Some of us need to see a fresh (refreshed) page constantly. But unhappily this is one of the few drawbacks of Firefox, which seems to cache more than any other browser I work with, by the way.

Granted, most people would never complain about this, because it makes things much faster. But how many times am I saying to someone over the phone, "Okay, refresh and check it out..."? Constantly, believe me! And then I'll have to walk them through clearing the cache. What a huge waste of our time. (sigh)

Marilyn still uses IE rather than Firefox, and this is one of her reasons. I get that she doesn't have time to be clearing the cache constantly (it's not like I do, either), so I haven't pressured her to change, even though I have the entire office using Firefox as their default browser now.

Anyway, I was starting to think I was losing my mind here. I kept trying the link and having it go to the wrong page! And I kept checking (and rechecking) my code -- even though I'd gacked it to begin with (I always cut and paste for the website work I do) and it couldn't possibly be wrong. (It's bad when I have to gack two pieces of coding and have them side-by-side to compare, because I'm convinced they can't be identical.)

Eventually I did clear the cache again -- and it FINALLY worked. I suppose I should have simply opened a different browser and used that, in spite of how much I love Firefox and stick with it even when it's making me nuts.

By the way, little crap like this is what tends to put me over the edge. It's rarely big things, like being told I need to create a whole new webpage or design a new website.

Right now when I'm pretty well CAUGHT UP with the festival website (words you'll almost NEVER hear me say, by the way), I have no reason to stress any aspect of the work, really. And it would be ridiculous to say that the caching thing is stressful, because it's too stupid and minor for that! But it can be annoying -- there's no doubt about it!

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