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Princess Selection and Work

I went to the Princess selection for my former high school today -- and I was proud. Their program was really good! They showed videos for each of the girls, had each candidate read her speech and had a band play for entertainment. The stage looked nice and they even handed out programs!

Plus all of the girls did a good job -- and the young woman who became Princess was AMAZING. Seriously impressive.

Marilyn was announced -- and so was I, believe it or not. And I got a really good photo of the Princess to use at the website.

The last Court member is announced tomorrow -- then we'll have our 14 girls for this year.

I spent the rest of the day in my uniform until we got home from work (at 9:00 p.m., mind you). (I did have to race to change into my white blouse and blue blazer before we headed out, as I was tied up with Kris and IT work until the last possible minute.)

In other news, I went to lunch with Rich today (he bought, sweet guy). Very nice break!

I spent much of the day with the guys from the City, dealing with the issues that include some flooding (happily minor) in our dungeon (the basement). The water is running close to electrical stuff, primarily phone lines, so there was cause to worry.

Joe (a city employee) also worked on my lights upstairs. One of the reasons I had to come home early yesterday was because I had NO LIGHTS over my work station yesterday (!!!). Joe had quite a time getting the lights to work, and they still don't seem to be 100% by a long shot. So much for these energy-saving lights that never seem to work...

I have less than 100 email items in my Inbox (!!!) and only 35 items Unread (which is my 'To Do'). So I'm feeling pretty good!

Marilyn asked if I wasn't pretty caught up with the festival website, and that answer is YES. In fact, I've never been this far ahead in all the time I've been webmaster! It's really a good feeling (especially in light of the fact that I'm now doing four websites -- with some other possible sites out there for me to add to these).

As Marilyn has always said: The more you do, the more you can do. She's certainly right about that!

Kris fixed the QuickBooks problems for both Carol and Ashley, and swapped out the monitor for Rosanna.

I have a meeting set with Carol and Jeff (and maybe Marilyn?) to discuss the contest page for the website -- which is a bit puzzling. I'm not sure what they want to do that requires a meeting, but I guess I'll see.

Tomorrow is the announcement (in Eugene, Oregon) of our Grand Marshal for GFP. And we have another major announcement (an exciting one) next Tuesday. So things are really hopping! (Marilyn is skipping the Eugene trip and letting Rich and Jeff go with Sue and Mark and others. She's going to try and get some of her writing done, which would be a good idea! It's a much better use of her time.)

Marilyn gets her hair done on Saturday, and I need to go in for a haircut, too. (And I should color my hair -- just a touch-up.)

I've been pouring over my CSS book recently, trying to reason some things out that still seem to stymie me... I'm fairly decent with CSS for the most part, but when it gets more complicated I sometimes struggle. (Recently there was an effect I wanted to achieve with CSS and I just couldn't make it happen. But I'm going to get there, believe me when I say that!)

It's interesting to try and work it out entirely on my own. I'm totally self-taught with CSS (and most of HTML, for that matter) -- and I can't imagine what it would be like to have someone I could actually ask questions! There's a lot to be said for classes and school. I think about young people in school right now with teachers they can consult and I have to admit I envy them. There are times I've thought about classes, but I'd never have the free time. Anyway, I've done okay reading manuals on my own, so I guess I'll just keep it up. I never let myself believe for a second that I can't find the answer -- or work out a problem -- if I'm willing to stick with it. And so far, so good! It's the main advice I'd give anyone else about anything in life that they want to learn. We're all capable of improvement, if we try hard enough.

Rafa Nadal won his match (YES!!!). I was pulling hard for him.

Marilyn and I split a Chelada to celebrate St. Patrick's Day -- and I made homemade popcorn. (We had cheese and crackers for dinner.) The popcorn and beer was festive -- sort of like a party! (smile)

Now I need a nap big, bad time. But I'll probably read, too (and maybe study CSS a bit). I could stand to catch up with my special Lenten prayers, by the way (!!!), but have at least kept up with my normal prayers. Life is busy, but not to busy to pray.

It sounds like LiveJournal is working on the issue with notices -- I certainly hope so. Meanwhile, I just hope I'll find time soon to check for comments. Maybe over the weekend. (I don't know if we're working or not...)

Good night, all! (hugs)

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