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Finished My Work (In Slightly More Than an Hour...)

I just finished up the last of my festival work a few minutes ago -- in slightly more than an hour! (woo hoo)

That included setting up Shoretel phone extensions (much harder to do than it probably sounds, I'm afraid) -- and resolving some Operator versus Professional issues, hunt group settings and so on. I've got my fingers crossed that this whole thing will work out.

I hadn't done the Outlook setup for Erin and Richard (the two new seasonal employees who start tomorrow) on their individual computers, and though I'd done most of the desktop setup for Richard, I hadn't done any of it for Erin. That's all now DONE! YES!!!

I have a certain way I set up the icons on the desktop, their taskbar (with Desktop showing there and the QuickLaunch) and on and on. I basically need everyone to have almost identical setups for support purposes, though I let them change this a little bit.

We also have a screensaver policy that allows for an additional security setting. After half an hour of inactivity the screensaver engages -- and they have to use their password to get back in again. This assures that if for some reason a person neglects to log out overnight, someone can't just sit at their computer and access the Server.

Anyway, I'm delighted it all went so smoothly, considering I didn't get it finished while in the office on Saturday. It's a little bit harder to do Remotely, but I'm glad it wasn't a big deal.

Now I need to get pumped up to do my last two orientations of the season. Wait! Marilyn might be hiring an intern to start in May, so I'm speaking too soon. (smile) Well, my last two orientations for NOW, anyway.

I'm off to see what Marilyn's up to. I wonder if she's watching something good on TV?

Tags: computers-at-work, erin, festival, march-2011, marilyn, orientation, remote-desktop, richard, shoretel, tv, work

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