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No NOTICES. Very, Very Annoying! (I'm Angry About This.)

Okay, I have a Permanent account here (as many of my friends do). And I expect things to work. I don't get why our NOTICES aren't working!!!

LiveJournal, this needs to be FIXED. Now.

I don't see notices about people posting that I track. I don't see notices about people who comment to my entries. I don't see notices about responses to my comments. I don't see notices about new userpics (icons) being uploaded.

Well, you get the point!

And as I went to answer a comment, I realized it was POINTLESS -- because the person who commented to me wasn't going to see my reply (be notified), anyway...

This is a priority to fix, LJ. You love making changes and so on -- but this one is IMPORTANT.

I had no idea people were even commenting to what I've posted until I went to check it. (Like I've got time to do that during my busy season. Right.)

Everyone needs to be aware of this on-going issue -- and spread the word. If you've wondered why no wonder is commenting to you, don't be surprised to find out that they actually have -- but you're not being told (notified). (big sigh)

No way, LJ!

Tags: 2011, angel, livejournal, livejournal-problems, march-2011

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