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Friday Work. And Saturday Work. And DONE.

I worked from 3:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. on Friday. Okay, I may have exaggerated the amount of the day that was work. But most of it was. Mainly, I was AWAKE that entire time -- and didn't lie down to sleep until past ten...

It was rewarding, though, I have to say. I followed the situation in Japan closely (Tweeting all day long for the PSSCA), poor people.

Today Marilyn dropped me at the office around noon. (She was supposed to get her hair done, but that didn't happen -- another story.) I was supposed to set up the two new people who are starting on Monday, Erin and Richard. But our Server was still down (!!!). Kris had to work hours before we had access to the network -- and longer until we had email again. (sigh)

So I didn't get all of the setup done. Happily I should be able to finish up here at home -- or first thing Monday morning, if not. I got a lot done today, in spite of the issues.

I got in 'trouble' (not serious) with Jeff over the Server thing. It's my place to manage the IT, so I was fine with it. And he wasn't mad at me, though he did tell me he was 'pissed' during our discussion -- which is strong, coming from Jeff.

Marilyn was there almost the whole time (after the false attempt to go and have her hair done -- wrong weekend). And Rich came in later on, too. So there were four of us (aside from Kris) in working...

Marilyn and I came home and had chili (yummy!) for dinner. And we've been watching some tennis on TV.

We're NOT going to work tomorrow (woo hoo), unless I do some Remote stuff for setting those people up, of course. And we both always check email, so that usually means some work, too. Still, we have no plan to go back in to the office tomorrow, so far.

We thought about going to see Tron tonight, but rejected it. It's fun to just be home and relaxing, to tell you the truth.

Now it's nap time, which also sounds great! I want to read my latest book (hardback -- not on Kindle), plus read several books I've been reading on my Kindle (including one for Lent). We'll see how much reading I get done before drifting off... (smile)

I finished the last (!!!) of the header banners for the website yesterday -- I feel so accomplished! It was more than 60, many that required detailed graphics (aside from text). I'm delighted with how it looks now, by the way. Speaking of the website, I'm pretty good there, right now! I'm literally MONTHS ahead of where I normally am, so that's exciting.

Well, that's it for now.

My thoughts and prayers are with Japan today. I worry about them with no place to stay in their cold, winter weather (!!!), no water, no food, no medicines. I hope all the help the world is sending their way can help them.

This will be THE classic photo of the disaster, according to Marilyn. We both just love it, I must admit. And when I searched, it came right up -- so I'm sure we're not alone... (It should end up award-winning.)

AFP/Getty Images - Old man carried by soldier in Japan after earthquake
AFP/Getty Images - Old man carried by soldier in Japan
after earthquake
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