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Humbled. Amazed. World Events... (Poor Japan!)

I just remain humbled and amazed to be involved in this world event. I continue to Tweet and Facebook and PRAY.

Poor Japan.

I hope all is well with Hawaii.

And I hope all will be well here on the Pacific coastline (Oregon, Washington, California)...

I thank God for coffee. (No, I'm not being flip -- I really mean that.)

Since my last entry, Marilyn was contacted by the US Consul General in Sapporo, Japan -- he told her that all is well there in Sapporo, but there's flooding in coastal cities to the south.

I got goosebumps when they announced this on television news (shortly after Marilyn phoned to give them the report).

Communications. That's our job. And Marilyn really is one of the very best in the communications business. It's an honor to work with her.

I keep feeling so humble about the whole webmaster thing. Who knew years ago when I first started to learn HTML (and later CSS) that one day I'd be involved with websites that have international impact?

There are NO accidents. God's hand truly does guide us -- and I'm a perfect example.

LiveJournal and my involvement here is a big part of this, by the way. I wouldn't be so comfortable with Social Media if not for years of blogging here at LJ.

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