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Earthquake in Japan

Marilyn and I have been up since approximately 3:00 a.m. our time, following the situation in Japan after their massive earthquake.

We were contacted by local news via the PSSCA website that we two manage, seeking information from Japan. Marilyn phoned Thom (the PSSCA board president), but we haven't heard back from him.

Meanwhile, I'm logged in to our PSSCA Twitter account and Tweeting away. I've finally put on a pot of much-needed coffee -- and I think I'll go get dressed soon. Marilyn already got dressed, in case she's needed at the office early due to this situation.

The Oregon coast has a tsunami WARNING, with people being evacuated. And, yes, I've been guilty of making jokes about all the tsunami signs we see when down at the beach. But tsunamis have honestly always been a fear for both Marilyn and me (related to something we saw as kids, I think -- and the fact that neither of us can swim... as if that would help in a tsunami!!!).

My PRAYERS go out to all Japanese around the world -- but especially in Japan and those living here in Portland.

Marilyn is worried about La Push (we've been hoping to get back there and actually stay over for months now). Washington state has a tsunami ADVISORY (rather than a warning), so hopefully things will be okay there. But even minor changes to the coastline could be devastating for poor La Push... (sigh)

It's fascinating to be involved in this sort of world-wide emergency situation, even though my own role is a small one. I'm often humbled by the impact of being a webmaster. I'd never have guessed this current situation would arise.

I'm off to do more Tweeting for PSSCA -- and get dressed. More later!

The tsunami is supposed to be hitting Hawaii right now!!! (yikes)

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