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Going to the Doctor

Making a quick trip to the doctor...

I'm sure it's nothing serious, but I'm popping in to see the doctor anyway, just to err on the side of caution.

I've been having chest pains since last night, with this weird 'burning sensation' across my back. Very different than anything I've felt in the past.

I've experienced chest pains before -- most people have. I recall once having some of the worst pains back in the 1980's when we were dealing with the legal aftermath of the death of my favorite aunt and my grandfather. (They died one day apart during the holidays.) I was the one who did a lot of the communicating with the attorney at the time -- both on the phone and in person -- and it was stressful, I admit. (Funny, looking back on it I realize it wasn't really that stressful. LOL. I've been in far more stressful situations in my life since then without being bothered at all. I guess it's perspective... But I had just lost my beloved Aunt Dorothy, so that probably colored things for me.)

Anyway, I've just never had the pain last for this long, so...

I can almost hear the doctor now:

"You need to lose some weight and get more exercise." (I do -- and the amusing thing is that I'd plan to both take a long walk and ride my bike today! I enjoy exercise!)

Then he'll say this is some gastrointestinal-related thing.

I feel bad that it has to happen on a day when Marilyn mistressmarilyn is under such pressure at work. She had an early morning meeting she was in charge of, then a couple other very intense meetings directly after. The last thing she needs is to be worried about me...

Marilyn mentioned some growling and gurgling in her body today, as well, so it could be what we both ate for dinner! (We got take out from a favorite Mexican restaurant.)

Anyway... I'll update later. It's amazing how painful this is. I'm not a person who is bothered by pain as rule.

Marilyn plans to come home early. (Well, depending on when her 3:00 meeting gets over!) Seeing as she went in early, didn't get home until 6:30 last night and hadn't even had a bathroom break today by 2:00, I think that's fair! (smile)

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