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Microsoft Bugs? How Do I Love Thee? Not Much...

Yes, I'm STILL working through the many BUGS associated with Microsoft Office 2007 (now that the festival office is finally update to the same).

Believe me, I totally get that I need to stay on top of the updates. This is one of my goals, anyway, so no worries there. I just needed to try and get a system set up, first. Now it's a matter of sticking with it!

Today's weird bug appears to be pretty random. It doesn't seem to happen all that frequently. So how do I know about it at all? Because it's happened to a member of our Staff, of course! (I sometimes wonder if there are any bugs out there that haven't happened to somebody at the office... sigh...)

Rich was having issues with stationery randomly embedding into emails he sent. Really??? I mean, why? I thought he was using these on purpose, but it turns out to be part of this bug I mentioned.

He was also having font colors default to YELLOW -- and yellow on white is not exactly a readable combo. (grin) Working together (him there at the office -- me here at home coaching him via phone) we finally got it straightened out. At first Outlook didn't want to hold the changes we were making, but it's finally doing what it should. And we skipped the 'auto' color in favor of BLACK, just to be safe.

But we didn't get this done until after 5:00, so Rich couldn't send another test to his helper, who actually got off work at that time. (No, neither of us is groaning -- we have TOO MUCH WORK to even consider stopping right now!)

What I do LOVE about all the Microsoft bugs has nothing directly to do with Microsoft. As I've mentioned again and again, the last place you ever want to go for help is their official website. But users around the world are GENEROUS with the answers! You can Google (not use Bing) and find loads of help from others dealing with the same crap. That's also a great way to discover that you aren't losing your mind when this stuff happens -- because it's actually going on with lots of other users, too.

The best part is always the SOLUTION to the issue. It almost feels like pulling one over on Microsoft somehow. Hahahahahahahahaha.

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