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Customer Service Rules...

I started out my day (after quickly washing and drying my hair) by going to sister Sue's to do the last of the cribbage project. It's now officially DONE!

This also turned into an errand day, which included picking up my prescriptions (thankfully).

Then Sue and I both needed a TON of things from WalMart, so off we went. (We did run a shirt over to Candy at the store, and drop my backpack here at home. Good thing, as there was barely room in the car as it was for all we bought!

At the store -- which is located in Washington (state), I tried to use my VISA credit card to pay for my purchases. I was denied. Twice. I had some cash with me, but not enough to cover everything. Luckily, Sue loaned me what I needed, or I'd have had to come home without the stuff, I guess.

I checked my account the second I got home. I had twice what I'd needed at the store in my available balance! So I phone to see what's up. (By the way, this is far from the first time this has happened to me in the past six months.)

The first guy I get after a 15 minute (!!!) wait informs me I've called the wrong number (I got it at the online site) -- and hangs up. So I call the number he's told me to use and wait another 15+ minutes (!!!) to talk to someone. By this point I'm STEAMING, my friends. I mean, I have WORK to do -- and I'm already unhappy with you, Chase!

I'm told this was for 'my protection' -- and showing ID should have fixed the problem. Really? I tell the man I had shown my ID, as it was Washington and I needed to do so for tax purposes (Oregon has no sales tax and WalMart honors that). He keeps saying it's for my protection. I keep saying, "Do I need to get a new card, or am I going to actually be able to use my VISA when I need to?" (heh)

By the end I was charming, he was laughing, I was grateful and all was well with the world. But there were some dicey moments, believe me. Once I cooled off, it went smoother, of course. He apparently has a note in my account that I don't want to be denied -- which I'm glad to hear. I rely on using this account for emergencies much of the time, which can mean I suddenly do want to charge a large amount that's not normal for me. So if they're going by 'normal,' they really do need to stop.

In other related news, my sales slip was mangled and torn in two -- so the total amount I spent didn't display (!!!). I phoned WalMart and we got cut off -- that whole 'I'm in a black hole in my house and trying to use my cell phone thing' was in play (we don't have long distance on our house phone). Nancy, who helped me, was so kind when I called the second time, offering to phone me back on the house phone. She got my info and called me back, so all is well with the world...

Now I need to finish putting away all the stuff I bought, then get to WORK (on festival-related stuff). It's going on 3:00 and I have loads to tackle! And I'm supposed to be helping Marilyn with the PowerPoint presentation (!!!).

And somewhere along the line I'd like some lunch. I'm starved, even though I did have a bowl of cereal for breakfast this morning...

I never mentioned that I re-did passwords at work on Friday -- and it went really smoothly (aside for the usual bitching-and-moaning about needing to change, that is). It's been on my 'To Do' list forever, so it was great to finally cross it off!

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