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Marilyn Published Again

I meant to mention this some time back -- certainly before Marilyn mistressmarilyn went on vacation -- but neglected it somehow!

Marilyn is Published AgainCollapse )

Well, Marilyn never 'toots her own horn' -- so it's rare that others realize just how good she is at what she does. But she's risen to the top of her profession during her career, and I think that's pretty special. It's not bragging to say you work hard and have accomplished things -- it's simply a fact.

She'll be annoyed I've written this. She's a 'behind the scenes' person, who doesn't care for taking public bows. I admit I admire that. There are plenty of people around who enjoy being the center of attention, always seeking the spotlight. And then there's Marilyn who pretty much avoids it! (smile)

I say 'pretty much,' simply because she can't entirely avoid it -- because of the nature of her job. She does TV spots for the organization quite frequently now, and has done radio interviews for years. She's one of those rare people who is both good at public speaking as well as writing, which is a big plus for her work.

Anyway, this is only one of several posts I've neglected in recent weeks! (grin) I'm hoping to play 'catch up' a bit this week. I've got pictures to share, too! (Some from way back in April when we went to Vegas for Marilyn's birthday...)

More later!

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