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In the Dark?

I'm sitting in the dark at work.


These damn lights go out for no good reason. Wow, I love how that's working to save energy -- NOT. What it does do is make me crazy, though. (smile)

It's almost 6:30 p.m. and Marilyn and I are the 'last men standing' here at work. (surprise) She's working away and I just stopped so I could post this. (I don't want to forget later on!)

Last night late we tried to go and see a movie at the Century 16 Theatres (at Eastport Plaza) here in Portland. We got there just past 11:00 for a movie that started at 10:50 -- but the door was locked! So I banged on the glass to try and get somebody to let us in. Reasonable, right? Heck, we just drove across town late at night to see a movie here, after all.

The security guard patrolling outside came over and was really RUDE. He told us the box office closed at ten before the hour -- and that was it for the night! Another group of six people were arriving at the same time with the same stunned response that Marilyn and I were having. "You're kidding me? Seriously?"

This is the second time we've ever gone to this theater, which isn't easy to find in the first place. But believe me, it's going to be the LAST TIME for us! And I plan to tell every person I know to avoid going there. Bad service? Damn right!

Look, if we're willing to potentially miss the beginning of a movie to come a little late, the least you can do is let us in to see it! We're PAYING customers, after all -- who would have also spent money on food and beverage. And this place had a virtual ghost town of a parking lot, so they could use a few more attendees...

Meanwhile, Eastport Plaza, I'd be rethinking the security guard. Maybe you'd like a guy who doesn't seem like a perfect picture to appear in a dictionary next to 'rude.' (Yes, stronger words -- less flattering ones -- also occurred to me. I'll let it pass, I guess...)

This was the last day for the movie we were trying to see. It was ONLY playing here, so it wasn't like we had another choice. We'll catch it when it's out in second run, but it was a bummer... (sigh)

We drove across town! We were willing to lose sleep so we could go to a movie! I'm just so MAD about this.

I can't wait to spread the word all over, though. It's just not a good thing to upset people this way -- a lesson for all of us when it comes to customer service!

Well, I do have work to do, so I guess I'll get back to it. Marilyn and I plan to SLEEP IN tomorrow morning (!!!), then come in here to work. It's much easier to get work done when the office isn't open -- and everyone else is gone! Rich said he'd be in, too -- for the same reason.

Oh, and Sister Sue is off with friend Nancy (who recently turned 80 -- and has healed from her fall) to a cribbage tournament this weekend.
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