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Organization Is Everything...

I'm trying to get more organized at both work and home (my home office, specifically). It's more than a goal -- it's a necessity when I have a lot of work to do. If I can't locate things when I need them, then I'm in a world of hurt.

When Marilyn and I got our new towers, I had to move a lot of things out of the way for them. This morning I went to look for something (can't recall what at this moment), and couldn't find it. So I started to 'tidy' around the office -- and I'm glad!

In the process I found many things I'd been missing lately -- and I got myself in a better place to face our season at the festival. Not perfect (or even close, I suppose), but much better than before!

In the middle of this, sister Sue phoned and asked if I wanted to go to WalMart. During our conversation it came out that her cribbage project that I'm helping her with is DUE Monday night -- and I work Monday! Needless-to-say, we were both worried as we talked. She has a cribbage tournament this weekend (that she leaves for early tomorrow), so it wasn't like we had the weekend to finish up the last of the late-to-arrive work...

So I had her come here to get me. I needed to pull myself together, as both the office was in shambles (torn apart as I got things in order), nor was I ready to go out (being still in my nightclothes, with uncombed hair). I did that quickly, and we were off to her house.

The deadline worried me. On days we work, we're often not home until late! So I not only needed to do the portion of things she was ready for today -- but try to teach HER to do the rest of it. That meant typing up clear and simple instructions -- and walking her through them several times.

I used NoteTab to type up four different documents that she could pull up on the screen for help. (She doesn't currently have access to a printer, so actually printing them out wasn't available to us.) And I needed to be sure she could access those documents at all times (!!!).

I had a system for each type of submission Sue received. Unfortunately, she's getting them in numerous formats: .doc (Word), .docx (Word 2007 and above -- she has Word 2003), whatever the OpenOffice Writer extension is, .wps (Works) and so on. If it was a .doc it would open automatically -- but she needs to CONVERT other formats. (sigh)

And Sue doesn't know how to gack text from the body of an email to save as a .doc, either. So I had to show her how and write up instructions to remind her.

Actually, sending the short (less than 200 words, total) submission in the body of an email is probably the best thing people can do. But apparently there are no clear rules for how to submit, so it's not the fault of those sending her submissions.

We got all of the additional submissions prepared today. And I showed her how to actually send these along to the man who needs to receive them after Sue -- and we got everything to date to him. So we were in a good place when we finished!

The most important thing is that Sue should be ready to finish up without me, as there will be a few more submissions. Their deadline is March 5 -- and Sue's turnaround deadline is March 7 (!!!), which I happen to find ridiculous. I can't imagine not having more time to turn these around. But it is what it is, so we'll see how it goes.

Some news Marilyn got today at work might impact my needing to work on Monday, so I might actually be free to help Sue finish up after all. We'll have to wait and see, I guess. But if I can't, we BOTH have those instructions I typed up -- so Sue can use them, or I can help her via phone, in a pinch. (It's equally hard for me to tell her what to do in her email when I'm away from it, as I don't normally use it and can't remember how it works. But written instructions is something I'm good at producing -- and I use them almost every day of my life...)

In other news, Marilyn told me something that might actually free me on Monday -- we'll see. So the amusing thing is that when push comes to shove, I might be able to help Sue on Monday, after all...

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