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Hitting the 'To Do' Lists for Home and Work.

Today I needed to hit both my home and work 'To Do' lists.

I started my day dealing with emails from work. Make no mistake, emails are WORK. Answering them is work. Dealing with the content of emails is work...

I also colored my hair this morning (finally). It really needed it. I used a new product and the verdict is out on whether or not I like it. I'll let you know more later.

Then sister Sue came over and got me -- I was helping her with her cribbage project. She's in charge of the submissions for the BOD of ACC. I've helped her with this before and it's really no big deal. We got a lot done today, and must finish it up early next week...

She took me to the post office so I could mail the box for Sandy (before going to her house). And after we picked up Nicole from school we dashed to Freddies so I could pick up a few things, including pop (we were totally out), bread, buns and a couple other minor things (like COFFEE!!!).

I did a load of dishes and cleaned out the sink, as well. I got chicken and made a casserole for dinner. I cleaned out the garbage can (and nasty piece of work), which had the stink of that bouillon that went bad. Disgusting, but necessary. And I put up a new light bulb on the front porch this morning.

And this afternoon I worked on more header banners for the website. And put up the Princess announcement at the website, of course. (That's something I'll do all but one day for these three weeks.)

Not a bad day for getting things done, all in all.

Now I need a nap really bad. I kept hoping all day long I'd find time to snooze a little. For whatever reason I couldn't sleep last night. I had a hard time ever getting to sleep. I wasn't worried about anything or stressed or sore or feeling sick, so I've no idea WHY I couldn't sleep. But I've had insomnia my entire life (even as a kid), so it's not a big surprise. Actually, I don't have it nearly as bad now as I used to. (Maybe because I'm usually so tired when I finally get to bed... grin...)

I also got emails, phone calls and text messages that I didn't get to today, because I needed to concentrate on other things. So I suppose I'll need to see if I can work them in tomorrow. Maybe, maybe not. If not, I'll get to them on Thursday.

Tomorrow will be a VERY BUSY day at the office, so that nap sounds appealing. (smile)

My day was NOTHING to Marilyn's day, though. She only got to use the bathroom ONCE all day long (!!!) and had to deal with an unexpected issue that cost her two valuable unplanned hours. I can only imagine. (sigh) And now she's working on paying the bills!

I can't believe it's March already. Wow. Where did January and February go?

And, no, we don't normally wake up to snow on the lawn in March here in Portland! That was a shocker, I have to say...

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