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Web Graphics and Other Work...

I spent a good part of today working on web graphics, which has been a big part of my job since I became the Webmaster for the festival. (I'm SHOCKED to discover I don't have a 'web graphics' or 'graphics' tag, by the way!)

One of my goals this year is to do away with the various 'old' header banners of the many (many, many) pages of our website. These were done in a variety of shades of red -- and I swear that no two pages ever had matching colors! Very annoying.

Red is a difficult color for web graphics, by the way. It often gets splotchy looking, or seems to fade. It was a BAD choice from the get-go, but happily wasn't mine. I'm replacing the red with black, which looks really nice, by the way.

But it's slow going. There are just so many pages and so many images to tackle! I just counted what I've done as of now and there are more than 40 images completed. Maybe that doesn't sound like much, but it took quite some time.

I just drew up a list of how many need to be finished, and it's not too daunting. (grin) I'd love to get most of it DONE this week, but we'll see how it goes...

Tomorrow I'm going to sister Sue's to help her with her cribbage project. Hopefully it won't take us (me???) too long to get done. We did this last year, but made it a much bigger job than it needed to be. Now that we've done it once, it should be easier this time around.

I also hope to (finally) color my hair in the morning. And mail the box for Sandy that's two months late at this point... (sigh)

Marilyn's feeling a little punk tonight. I hope she feels better soon, as this is a KILLER week for her at work (!!!). She's been dealing with this gastrointestinal thing since last June that just cycles around and around. She's been better, so it was a surprise that she got worse this evening...

I think I'll have Sue take me shopping for a few things tomorrow. I just don't see Marilyn and I doing that tonight (!!!), considering it's almost 11:00 p.m. right now.

I have three new people starting this week to train (two Wednesday and one on Friday). Plus some IT projects to try and wrap up (as much as I can manage, anyway). I hope to hear back from Kris, but so far I haven't...

That's it for now!

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