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Work Today -- All About IT...

Marilyn and I left the house around 8:30 a.m. this morning and were to the office before 9:00. I dashed to Starbucks with Rich and Marilyn had left for Court judging before we got back. Rich headed out to join her there, while I got started on my numerous IT projects for the day.

Earlier in the week Kris dropped by a box of speakers (14 pair, total) for me to install on the various computers that didn't have them. It might sound crazy in this day and age, but years back the festival determined that speakers weren't 'essential,' so most of the computers in our office have never had them (!!!). Once I'm finished with this project, we'll have a set for every station, at long last. But you wouldn't believe how long it takes setting them all up!

Just getting each set out of the box and packing materials (sigh), then in the correct place on each desk takes forever. I crawled under desks and moved piles of stuff around and so on for hours... I also moved Jill's tower from the top of her desk to under it (where it should have been all along). This required changing out some cables and finding another USB cable for her scanner, as the one that came with the scanner had gone missing (sigh).

Annoyances? Well, six (!!!) of the computers appear not to have sound cards -- so the new speakers won't work with them. These are all Compaqs that were donated back in 2007, so I suspect when that when they pulled the hard drives and RAM, they must have also pulled the sound cards (simply from not knowing what they were doing). Not every donated computer is missing the sound card, by the way, so this appears to be random. But for all I know it's something else entirely. I'm leaving it up to Kris to check these out when he can. (The computers in question are old, so maybe there's another issue...) This is what you deal with when you're a non-profit and you have to do the best you can with the equipment on hand.

I also discovered that one of the intern computers for a person starting this coming week had never had Office 2007 installed (!!!). So I had to do that today. Now I need to make sure the updates are current on that machine, because otherwise we'll probably run into problems with Outlook and the calendar (as we have on SEVERAL other machines).

I started the individualized setup for three of the interns (which won't apply to Olga, as she'll be using a shared computer at the front desk). This involves what software applications have Desktop and Quick Launch shortcuts, how we use our screensaver setting as a security backup and on and on. It does take some time to get things exactly as I want them for each person, plus setting up their signatures, default settings in various applications and so on. I do this for every new person who starts at the festival.

Marilyn came back from the Court judging to find that her email had 'burped' yet again. Kris is supposedly going to change settings to fix this, which I certainly hope he will. This has been a major issue for YEARS with various staff members -- but my main concerns are Marilyn, Carol and Jeff. She had to spend an hour cleaning stuff out so her email would work again, which is frankly a ridiculous waste of her time! I don't know WHY this can't be resolved, but I really hope Kris will try (and soon). Anyway, it gave me some extra time to wrap up some of my projects...

We left the office at around 4:00, meaning we put in a seven-hour day. We also plan to work Sunday (tomorrow) for a few hours. I'll be in really good shape if we can do that.

I didn't get around to the speakers for Rosanna, Pattye or Lilia -- so I don't know if these will work with the computers in question or not. I also had to email Kris to see if I could increase my order for speakers, because I somehow missed counting a few. Hopefully he can come up with a few more for me. They're inexpensive ($10 each), but really look nice and work well! So I'm happy about that.

After work Marilyn and I stopped at Safeway and deli food. I also took time to grab cat food, which I couldn't get at Freddies when last there (and we were almost out). Freddies did have our cat food, but in a HUGE bag (like you see for dog food). I keep the extra food in the freezer of our fridges (one up and one down), so there's NO WAY I can ever get a bag that size! Very annoying.

It remains VERY cold here, so it was lovely to come home and eat, then snuggle down for naps. The cats agreed with us and also snuggled down! (smile) I did take time to bring in the frozen hummingbird feeder and put out fresh nectar so the poor birds won't starve. I've been putting out food daily for my crows (and other critters), and trying to keep water out, though it freezes pretty fast, I'm afraid. They say it might warm up tomorrow into the 40's, which would be great by me!

Anyway, it's been a productive Saturday, all-in-all.

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