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No Snow. No Surprise.



They made SUCH a big deal out of this that people were dashing to stores to stock up on food (mostly comfort food, from the reports). Meetings, appointments and events were canceled or postponed. Kids were praying for no school and loads of white stuff.

You have to know that in Portland when the weatherman (or woman) predicts snow, they're almost always WRONG. Seriously. Nobody trusts 'em.

And, as usual, we were right NOT to. There's no snow so far. And it looks like we're unlikely to get any to speak of. (They're now expecting a 'trace' of snow. Far from the six inches we were hearing previously.)

Okay, obviously we adults won't be having a 'Snow Day' tomorrow (or Friday) -- nor will the kids. I wasn't bothered by that idea, as we can Remote in and work from home anyway. As long as it wasn't messing up Saturday, I was fine with snow today and tomorrow (and even Friday).

We're all annoyed that we changed PLANS because of this, however. It seemed like a reasonable thing to do, after all...

As I've said before, if you or I were wrong more than half the time at work, we'd have our asses FIRED. Not so for those predicting the weather.

I got a cool package of goodies for my Kindle yesterday. And the movie Marilyn and I ordered came today. (It's only available for a reasonable price on VHS, so that's what we bought. I hope it plays okay...)

The garbage and recycling were done early today, so that's not facing me tonight. I went shopping with sister Sue earlier and even made three pots of Curry Noodles. (I sent home two pots with Sue.) Unfortunately I slipped on our walkway and fell on my left knee (and there are some other pains, so I guess I probably fell on an elbow and so on). Annoying. (sigh)

I forgot to mention that I ordered oil yesterday. The woman told me I had good timing, as she'd found out ten minutes before that it was going up 10 cents a gallon as of today! (Having ordered yesterday, that's the price we got, happily.) It was supposed to come either today or tomorrow. As it didn't come today, obviously it will be delivered tomorrow. That's the HIGHEST PRICE we've ever paid for two-hundred gallons of oil, but the woman said that the sky will be the limit soon, with the unrest in the Middle East. (I thought Marilyn would die when I told her the cost...)

Headed for a nap. I might work at the office tomorrow. I haven't decided yet.

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