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April's Grave, Indian Summer and Random Thoughts...

I worked on April's (our recently deceased cat) grave today. Our idea is to cover the spot with a mound of rocks. This came to us after seeing the Unknown Pioneer Woman's grave, which is covered with a mound of stones. (It wasn't originally like that, mind you. That happened after her grave was 'discovered' when they put in the highway. They moved her body and put up a marker sign and placed some stones on top.) Apparently visitors to the grave have been adding stones ever since!

In our case, we had one hell of a time digging a hole for April's grave! The soil back where we wanted it is very hard and stoney. So I doubt it's as deep as it should be. Anyway, we know Indy can smell the spot, because he's been lying back next to her grave some of the time...

Today I covered it first with crushed red rock (which we use in several of our flower beds and for one of the boulevards). Then I started putting stones on top of that. (Including two we picked up while on our outing where we ended up at the Pioneer Woman's grave!) It needs more stones, but I didn't want to 'rob' any more of the ones around the yard. It's a nice start. (I need to take a picture, I think!)

It's decidedly Indian Summer (autumn) here now! Our pink dogwood is starting to drop a few leaves and change color. It was cooler today, starting off chilly this morning and getting warmer in the afternoon. Actually a perfect, lovely day! I didn't even water the flowers outside until around 11:00 this morning, something you can never do when the weather is hot.

I really need to take a current picture of the back yard! It's amazingly lovely. We've got a deck big enough to dance on (seriously), a yard with two huge flower boxes and multiple pots of flowers and a fountain in one corner. Yes, with ivy and more flowers there! Very pretty this year and photo-worthy.

I spent ages today cleaning out in two of the drawers of a file cabinet in our home office. We have three of these in a row -- tall, black, four-drawer cabinets. Full of papers of all kinds! (Plus a smaller cabinet stuck in one corner. Our office is a good-sized (10' x 10', I think?) room, with our two desktop computers set up side-by-side. We have a desk on the opposite side of the room (family antique) and then the row of file cabinets on another wall. (Topped by the all-important TV with built-in VCR that's hooked up to digital cable!)

At one point we had two printers in the room, by we now have only one -- fairly nice that prints photo quality pictures. Plus the scanner and other random electronics. Yes, I know we're blessed to have a full room of this size as an office, believe me! In our last home, which was quite small, we had the computer on a small stand against the wall in the dining room. (And we never even bothered to move our file cabinets out of mom and dad's house, where we'd had a very large office! We finally moved those when we moved into this house...)

I have to admit that it's a delight to have digital cable in this room. Seeing as this is actually a work space for me, it's nice to have TV running in the background much of the time. And naturally both Marilyn and I like having it on when we're in here doing online things, writing fic, or whatever else...

I've got a very nice CD player over on the desk as I tend to not like to use up any computer facilities with playing music. (smile) Spoiled? Really? Well, maybe a little!

This room also has a large closet on one wall. (Double-doors on rollers.) We store tons of things inside, including all of our loads of computer software, older manuals and so on.

We've got stacks of our research books for writing fic in this room, as well. I'm looking at it right now and wondering what small fortune we've spent on all these books! LOL. I can see numerous books on Troy at a glance, numerous books on LOTR, writing manuals, "A Concise Encyclopedia of Legal Quotations" and so many others... We take our fic writing quite seriously -- always have.

My bedroom is right next to the office, and is another good-size room. (Probably a bit larger than the office, actually, it also has a huge closet on one wall, plus an additional smaller closet. My bed is a queen and I have two dressers, a cedar chest, exercise bike, sports rider, vanity table and chair and TV stand for my TV with built-in VCR. The TV is linked directly to cable, which means I get some of the extra channels, but not the movie ones. (Good enough, believe me. We have an extensive video collection which we've been 'weeding out' in favor of DVDs. But we've kept hundreds, frankly, because of still having these TVs with built-in VCRs in my bedroom, the office and the kitchen.)

As nice as my bedroom is, it's small compared to Marilyn's. But as I've mentioned before, people who visit will step into Marilyn's walk-in closet and say that they have bedrooms that size! LOL. Her three dressers are in there, along with a standing jewelry chest that's very cool!

I want to tackle the garage, which is so full of stuff it's become an annoyance to me. I like to be able to easily walk out and put my hands on a tool (etc.) whenever I need it. Plus our attitude remains the same -- the garage is the 'house' for our car. It needs to fit easily inside and we need to be able to get in and out comfortably. It's a one-car garage that's really full of stuff!

Last year we managed not to have to store many of our outdoor furniture, which took some pressure off, I can tell you! There's certainly more than enough room on the deck to store them, as long as we use tarps to cover everything against bad weather.

We have a nice big shelf in the garage for storing extra canned goods and cases of bottled water and so on. No, I've no clue what tons of that 'junk' out there is! Don't ask! But some of it came from emptying out our mom and dad's house. While we gave away tons, we ended up keeping a lot, too. (sigh) It's hard in those first couple of years to give things up that belonged to your parents. But I'm more than ready to do it now!

In fact, we've been doing it a little at a time already.

We've joined 'freecycle,' an organization that gives away things for free to those who need them. I love the concept! We have a Goodwill not far from here (one of the fancy brand new ones), so it's easy enough to donate things, too. But there's something cool about being able to offer things to others, free of charge.

The Rose Festival has used this service successfully during clean outs, and I'm thinking it's a great idea...

Anyway, I love getting the house more and more organized! It's easy to keep nice that way... (Which we did so much more before bringing all of the stuff home from mom and dad's.)

Do we have way too many things?

I'm afraid so.

Bookcases -- literally -- full of video tapes, for example. And DVDs. And piles and piles of CDs. Some cool and interesting pieces of art, too. Office supplies that many medium-sized offices would envy! (grin) Books and more books. Magazines, galore. Exercise equipment. TVs. (It used to be quite a joke about how many TVs we owned! But we pared that back, getting rid of the one in my bathroom, plus a couple extras we had around... Okay, so we love television!)

I'm going to run the sprinkler in the morning in back to water the flowers, I think...

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