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Wednesday Morning? Snow, Anyone?

It's cold. (brr) Actually, it wasn't that bad this morning in the house -- only down to 63°. That's pretty normal during the winter when we turn the heat off for sleeping. But we're expecting some record lows after the snow that's due to start today.

They're actually saying we'll get a total of six inches, which is a lot of snow for Portland. On national news this morning, Al Roaker said six to eight inches (!!!). I don't know what it is about hearing it on the national news, but it does make it sound more possible. (grin) Let's just say that local forecasters are frequently WRONG when they predict we'll get snow at all...

Anyway, I need to get in and do my garbage and recycling this morning, because the last thing I want to do is mess with it while it's snowing. And I hope that the garbage and recycling dudes will be able to make it here tomorrow to pick up!

On the cool news side, Marilyn bought tickets for sister Sue, Rich, herself and me to go to see the "NIKE Clash of the Champions," on Tuesday, March 8 (in Eugene, Oregon). She found out yesterday that we actually DO have tickets -- which weren't easy to get, as the event sold out almost immediately. It pays to have connections, which Marilyn luckily does! (You know, I think Marilyn is so GENEROUS to pay for all four of us to attend.) The event features tennis players Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams (though it sounds like maybe Serena won't be there due to injury). More about this as we get closer to the event!

I feel accomplished already today, as I was on the phone with Comcast troubleshooting Marilyn's cable in her bathroom. She always likes to listen to the news while getting ready for work, so having it out is a big pain for her. The TV and cable are up in the air (in a corner of the room), so it's not that simple to access. Becky from Comcast was a great help and pleasant to talk to. We tried all the usual stuff, then I finally disconnected the box and hooked up the one from the bedroom. Yep! It was the actual cable box that had gone out. So she's good for cable in the bathroom (which she uses daily), and we'll need to take the bad box in for a new one for her bedroom (which she doesn't watch all that often, anyway). It wasn't easy getting to the box to disconnect and so on, but I stood on a stool and managed it! Thus the feeling of accomplishment, I suppose... (smile)

Well, I'd like to color my hair today (maybe?), do the garbage and recycling (!!!), work on the festival website (!!!) and maybe even cook a little. So I'd better get to it (as it heads toward 10:00 now -- time is flying).

Yes, we can work from home both tomorrow and Friday with no problem. However, we need the roads to be clear by Saturday!!! (Court judging to select the Princesses happens on that day, with announcements starting next Monday. And I've got a ton of IT projects to work on...)

Kris was half an hour late for our meeting yesterday, but it did happen as planned. He's bummed out right now because a close friend killed himself recently -- poor guy. Marilyn spelled out some important finance things and we discussed projects that need to happen soon. He ordered our Semantic antivirus for the office (thank heaven), so that's one less worry. And we discussed a temporary fix for the Server, which has been having issues recently. So it's all good.

And my meeting/training with Carol went off as planned in the late afternoon. I think she'll be fine -- she just needs to get in and try out the code. There's no better way to learn in than to just attempt to do things.

So that's my Wednesday so far. How is YOUR day going?

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