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Back From a Fun Day!

Marilyn and I had a great day! We took a drive and got Starbucks in St. Helens (Oregon), then drove across to Washington state and went to Long Beach -- where we visited Marsh's Free Museum (a fave since childhood). We got a roll of nickles and a roll of dimes and played tons of the cool machines (mechanized antique gaming machines, peepshows, penny arcade machines and more) that line the walls. We saw Jake (the alligator man), of course! Plus all the marvels that fill the quaint shop.

There are always tons of people inside, which is little wonder. It's nearly impossible to really describe this place, with oddities and delightful souvenirs and beach-related goodies everywhere you look. I bought shells and Marilyn got 'Jake' pencils to take to work and share with the Staff. And we went away sweaty and laughing with our fill of stepping back in time to the sideshow items like the two-headed calf, plus musical machines that must have been a marvel in their day -- and are such a fun way to revisit history now. Oh, and I got a nice wolf box that I'll take for my desk at work. Maybe I'll put leftover dimes and nickles inside, with my agate from the agate machine (like a bubblegum machine), and my souvenir Jake coin. (smile)

We saw a ton of elk in a field on the way there -- then saw more elk on two other occasions during our trip! To cap off this wildlife parade, there was a doe beside the road at one spot. And we saw loads of ducks and seagulls, too.

Then we drove to Cape Disppointment, which we've never seen before. We tried to visit the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, but we got there at 10 to 5:00 -- and they close at 5:00. They were nice enough to let us go inside and check out the AMAZING view from the huge room with the bank of windows (I'll share photos later after I've downloaded them) -- and we hit the gift shop briefly on our way out.

We walked around the WWII bunker below and back down the steep trail that went to the parking lot (the Interpretive Center is up above). It was pretty cold by then, so we were glad to climb back in the car and head out again.

From there we went across the bridge to Astoria and on to Seaside, where we played some Fascination. We got chicken at Dairy Queen and then drove back home, arriving here around 10:30.

It was a wonderful day! We drove in lots of sunshine that baked into the car and made us both happy. The view driving there was wonderful, with only the slightest sign of rain the entire trip. We did some favorite things, but also added some new things in -- and we hope to go back to Cape Disappointment another time and actually see the entire Interpretive Center, and maybe walk out to the lighthouse, too.

By the way, we made a trip to Long Beach back in 2008 (you can read about it HERE) -- which we believe fell on this same holiday weekend! (There are numerous photos in that entry, by the way -- including elk in the very same field!)

That's our Sunday! How was your day?

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