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Patience is a Virtue. (I'm Reminding Myself...)

Calm. Ocean waves gently slapping the shore. Sunshine and a gentle breeze and the sound of seagulls drifting in the air... (Sure. Sounds great. Not happenin' today, though!)

I'm spending a lot of time trying to remain patient and calm today. This is a major goal for me as things continue to get more and more hectic at work. (Marilyn is an amazing example, as she always seems to be patient and calm, with a few rare exceptions.)

For example, I don't like wasting time on items submitted incorrectly for the festival website -- nor on half an hour arguing about what I can or cannot code a certain way. (I was tempted to suggest I'd let the other person try to do this coding, but refrained. I was being as patient as possible, believe me. I'll do the best I can -- as always. But this stuff needs to be reasonable...)

And IT 'emergencies'? This was another day FULL of them. In fact, I just lost my connection to the office via Remote Desktop -- and soon after got the call from Aimee that our Server is down. Yes, AGAIN! (What's the deal here? We just had it down on Monday morning, for crying out loud...)

I had plans for today, but have done almost NONE of these things. The webpage I wanted to finish coding is barely started. The garbage and recycling are barely started. I didn't color my hair or do any laundry or cleaning (even picking up the kitchen or doing a load of dishes).

I've been on the phone more times than I can count. I've been hunting for answers, handling issues and helping a neighbor (who was admittedly kind and grateful -- and even offered me $$$ for my aid). I've eaten half a container of cottage cheese while sitting at my desk working, and drank Crystal Light with LOADS of caffeine, plus a diet Dr. Pepper. (I need more caffeine now...)

I'm scheduling meetings and trying to reason out how to get things done when all I seem to do is deal with the unexpected every day. I can't afford to turn to Kris right now, as our IT Budget for consulting is done to almost nothing, I'm afraid.

Well, I need to go do something physical (like the garbage and recycling, I think). It's cold here today, so I want this done before it gets dark, if possible! (We had snow this morning, though it didn't stick. Huge, fluffy flakes...)

One of these days I'll find time to comment again to friends -- hopefully soon! But considering the way today has gone so far, please don't hold your breath...

So guess what I probably have to do tonight at some point? Can you say: Go to the office and do a Server restart? (heavy sigh)

Tags: busy, cold, emergency, festival, festival-website, food, garbage-and-recycling, it-budget, it-manager, it-related, neighbor, server, server-restart, snow, weather, work

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