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Television Viewing...

Marilyn and I have been watching 'Watson' compete on "Jeopardy." I have to tell you, I think Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter are really good sports to face this challenge -- there's really no way for them to really compete against a computer who can ring in so much faster than they can...

Oh, and I keep saying, "Don't let Watson be in charge of anything." Of course, I'm remembering the movie "Colossus: The Forbin Project." (heh)

Marilyn and I (and sister Sue, too) have been watching the 135th annual Westminster Dog Show (which we never miss). Plus Mom is certainly watching from heaven, with her yellow legal pad, lists of dogs and her own scores and comments. (smile) We still have piles of such lists here around the house that she made over the years...

Tags: 2011, computer, february-2011, jeopardy, jeopardy-watson, marilyn, sister-sue, westminster-dog-show

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