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Another Busy Day -- Just Wrapping Up!

Marilyn and I are just finishing up some of the essential annual changes to the festival website for 2011 as I type this. (It's currently five minutes to midnight.)

I went to the office today, partly to meet with (intern) Nicole, about the festival blog. So guess what I did NOT get done??? Yeah, it figures! She's not there on my normal days in the office, so I actually went on a Monday specifically and then all my other projects got in the way. Wow, what a surprise...

The down side to this is that now I'll have to go in Friday -- meaning I'll be working three days at the office, rather than two (which at this time of year is always my goal). Typical. (sigh)

I did get a TON of stuff done this morning. And it was actually pretty damn important that I go in, considering we had a Server problem! Marilyn and I knew there was some issue as of last night, because neither of us could Remote in. This was odd, considering things had been fine on Saturday after the shutdown and restart. But it was probably related to the automatic Server updates that happen every Sunday morning -- tied in some way to Saturday's actions.

Christie and I went to coffee together, so we got to talk a bit, which was good. I love Christie! Kris was LATE for his appointment today (surprise). He's coming in tomorrow for a lunch meeting with Marilyn and me...

I met with Ross who was in today and together we worked on his video of President Sue that we want to upload to YouTube to embed at the website. He did some neat little tricks and I was happy with it -- and planned some more. I can't wait to see the final product tomorrow morning!

Nobody freaked about their 'missing' Desktop items, happily -- and everyone I met with seemed to 'get it' about WHY they need to save to My Documents rather than the Desktop (because individual computers are not backed up, but My Documents saves to the Server, which is backed up). Alex helped me with some IT things, as did both Nicole and Alina (interns). All three really 'get' the IT-side of the festival, which is helpful for me!

Tonight I made some new Excel spreadsheets to use for tracking various IT Maintenance projects. I hope to put these to use starting tomorrow.

Well, it's been a good day, with a lot accomplished! I hope I can say the same about tomorrow.

Bed time soon!

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