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Saturday Work Day

Marilyn and I were up around 7:30 a.m. and at the office by just past 8:30. I started the Server shutdown from the house (yes, this can be done Remotely) and it was ready to go by the time we arrived.

Dale (from the City of Portland) came over and I spoke with him briefly -- and then he got to work on his project. He was done quickly and departed, but I had to phone him to come back because he'd left three tools behind. As soon as Dale was done, I did the Server restart, which went very smoothly -- and was pretty fast. (A good thing.) We haven't done a Server restart in ages, believe it or not. But it did seem as if it was faster than in the past, which I attribute to the fact that we do regular updates to the Server on a weekly basis.

Marilyn's kids from the Sapporo Summer Institute met with her in her office, as planned. Two girls showed up for the meeting.

I spent a lot of time on two different projects. One was to move all files (and folders) saved directly to the Desktop from there to a place on the actual Server. Our policy is for people to NEVER save to the Desktop, because that means they're saving to the actual machine -- and our individual machines do NOT get backed up. If people save to their My Documents, or one of the specific Server drives, then the data IS backed up, which is essential. I've been trying to stress this and get people to change their habits, but it's been a losing battle. In light of the Server restart today, it seemed like a perfect time to finally do what I'd told everyone I would be doing and actually CLEAN OFF this Desktop saving.

I'm sure it's going to be a shock to some people who have saved numerous documents and photos (and even folders full of stuff) directly to their Desktop when they come in and see it all gone. But I didn't merely delete it -- it's still around in a safe place (one that actually gets backed up!!!).

My second project was to do Updates, which really needed doing. I was working on several machines at once, trying to get as many done as I could. I still have around ten more machines to tackle, but it was a good start.

Altogether, Marilyn and I spent five and a half hours at the office. We both agreed if we could get in every weekend for a minimum of three hours, we'd be in a much better place -- so I think we're going to try that from now on.

I'm pretty proud to get out of the hospital on Friday and go back to work the following day. No, I'm not 100% right now, but I didn't do any lifting at all. (Even though I have three towers I need to analyze which WILL require them being moved and lifted for this purpose. I can put off doing this for a little bit, anyway, unless I can get someone else to do the lifting for me... Yeah. Right.)

We came home and had refried beans to eat, and watched some of "Mackenna's Gold," On Demand. We both were tired before we'd watched much, though, so we went for naps, planning to finish watching later. By the way, Gregory Peck was 53 when he made this film, and lookin' good! (I think he was pretty hot as MacKenna! (Weird. They seem to be pretty confused about the spelling of 'MacKenna' at both Wikipedia and IMDb. Oh well...)

We're thinking about going to a movie tonight, which would be fun. Anyway, we'll see!

No additional news from sister Sue.

No plans at this point for tomorrow (Sunday). I bet Marilyn would like to SLEEP IN, though! And I wouldn't mind that, either. Anyway, we're having a good (and productive) weekend, so far.

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