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I'm Home!!!

Just a quick note to tell everyone that I'm HOME again! (woo hoo)

I saw the doctor yesterday (NOT my own doctor -- he's away until next week). This man insisted on an EKG -- and when the results were FINE, he then insisted I go to emergency at the hospital. Makes great sense, huh? He was trying to force me to go in an ambulance (???), but Marilyn drove me there.

I have much RANTING to do about this experience, but will start by saying how kind the people I interacted with were to me -- especially my night nurse. Yes, many of them were condescending in the extreme, but still pleasant.

I went in about a backache -- with some chest pains. I stressed the ENTIRE TIME that the thing really bothering me was a backache. And I was asked over and over again by many, many people. (Marilyn is my witness for most of this that I always tried to get them back on the backache and potential cause -- but they always went to the chest pains and potential heart risk.) Anyway, my heart is good (no surprise there), says she who has now had three -- count 'em, three -- EKGs that were all fine, and something just shy of a million blood draws for heart testing.

Pain? Yeah, I still have it. The sinus pain and potential infection I always wanted checked? Ignored over and over again. I got no medication for this. In fact, I got one aspirin (not for pain) in my doctor's office, and that was IT for pain the entire time (even when I asked for pain meds). By this morning I was in considerable pain again, but didn't get meds for it until I came HOME. Interesting, isn't it?

I did finally get meds for the back -- just as I was released today. The doctor I saw this morning was STUNNED when I told her I had NOT gone to the doctor and hospital for chest pains, by the way. But I'll save the ranting about miscommunications (there were so many) for another time. As I told Marilyn, this experience that was under 24 hours long (but seemed like forever) should be worth several good 'ranting' blog entries. (smile)

I came home exhausted, which is why I didn't blog earlier. I know at one point I slept for 45 minutes straight without interruption. And I think I got another two hours sleep at one point. But other than that, there was no opportunity EVER for sleep (and barely for rest). What a system! When the body needs healing, sleep/rest is essential -- but it's IMPOSSIBLE to get this in the hospital. What's WRONG with this picture??? Well, more about that later...

Oh! And I hadn't eaten before going to the doctor, thinking I'd eat when I got home. (I was hoping to have them do my fasting blood test that I need for my appointment next week with my own doctor -- but of course that did NOT happen.) So guess when I finally got something to eat and drink? (Keep in mind that I'm diabetic, and should be eating small meals all day long.) I had my first bite of food at 8:00 p.m. last night. I got a sip of bottled water from Marilyn earlier and was finally given water at the time of my cold meal. Nice...

Okay, this might turn into a rant if I don't stop. So I'm stopping! Anyway, the back thing will hopefully be better soon. And the 'heart thing' never existed to begin with, no matter what people thought. I can't wait to share some of the things Marilyn has said about all of it. Both funny and insightful, of course...

Let's just say I feel as if I'd been released from PRISON -- and I'm so grateful to be here in my own house. And, yeah, I need to see my doctor next week for my six month blood test, but after that it will be a long, long time before I'll see a doctor again, believe me. (So no matter how sick I am, dear friends, don't bother recommending I see a doctor -- because that's NOT going to happen.)

Tomorrow we go to the office so I can shut down the Server. We need to be there by 8:30, so hopefully we'll get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.

Marilyn spent more than five hours (!!!) at the hospital with me (plus having taken me to the doctor prior to that), then had to go to work today -- before coming back to the hospital to bring me home again. She's probably more exhausted than I am. We talked several times on the phone all during the night, both awake.

Well, I'm dying for another diet soda, so off I go! THANKS to all of you who took time to reply to Marilyn's blog yesterday. And thanks to Marilyn for blogging for me, so I wouldn't miss a day!

I almost forgot! Sister Sue is at her cribbage tournament in Reno -- and she placed in the top eight! She'll be in the Tournament of Champions for the first time ever, and is pretty excited about it! (woo hoo)

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