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Movie: "The Social Network" - Rosarian Auction Photos - Miscellany

Marilyn and I decided to get "The Social Network" via On Demand last night. (For those who haven't seen it, the link I just shared does NOT spoil. Of course, as it's based on news, you may have heard about it, anyway...) We were too tired to finish watching it, so will hopefully do that tonight when she gets home from work.

The really COOL thing about it?

They show Mark Zuckerberg blogging at LiveJournal in 2003!!!

As I said to Marilyn, it's pretty cool to think that we, too, we're using LJ that year -- and are still actively using it today. I have to admit, in many ways, LiveJournal changed my life. (And as Marilyn later said to me, I certainly had no clue back when I was first blogging here at LJ that someday I'd be the webmaster for one of the top-ranked websites in the world. The very idea still blows my mind. And my involvement with LJ -- and subsequent things that evolved over time -- did help me with a lot of what I do in my work today. Thank you, LiveJournal! You can read (a lot) more about "The Social Network" HERE, if you're interested...

Okay, so I'm BUMMED that Glee is touring this spring/summer -- but not coming to Portland! (You can check it out HERE.) They're in Las Vegas (and Marilyn and I love seeing concerts in Vegas!), but on an important event day for the festival. So, no, we won't be heading there to see the tour, either. In fact, all of the early dates suck for us. Late June, or early July would be nice, but I don't see us heading to the East Coast, England or Ireland. (grin) Oh well. Next time, I hope!

I promised to share photos from the Rosarian Auction (last Saturday night, February 5), so here are a few good ones!

Photo share!

2011 Rosarian Auction - Charlie laughing
My friend Bill (photographer for the Royal Rosarians)
took this shot of me. I think it's classic! It really captures
what I'm like.

2011 Rosarian Auction - Marilyn and Charlie
Marilyn and me.

2011 Rosarian Auction - Marilyn
Marilyn making a bid on a Silent Auction item. (I think
she's faking it for Bill...)

2011 Rosarian Auction - Leslie and Queen Victoria
Our friends Leslie and Victoria.

2011 Rosarian Auction - Dennis and President Sue
Our friends Dennis and Sue

Marilyn has more shots, but I don't think she's DLed them, yet. I actually FORGOT (!!!) to take my camera along, which is practically a first for me. It was weird not to be taking pictures the whole time! (smile)

In other random news, sister Sue and I met this really cool man while shopping at Freddie's today! His name is Ray Carr, and he's 88 years young -- and I'm not kidding about the young part! He looks like he's in his 60's, tops, and has a very sharp mind -- and an amazing sense of humor. We were both in love with the guy (who, by the way, appears to have no trouble with the ladies -- little surprise to me). This man was vibrant, funny, friendly and out-going in the best possible way. It was a pleasure to meet him, and I hope we run into him again. A reminder not to count older people out, as easy as that is to do sometimes... Anyway, I did a tiny bit of shopping while Sue managed to meet Ray (both Sue and Ray clearly can make friends with anyone -- but I'm pretty much the same way). Then we three sat in the food area (nice little corner that years ago was Eve's -- I wonder who remembers that?) and had Starbucks and deli goodies. Sort of like a mini-party, I have to say. (smile)

I only wish I'd thought to take a picture of Ray with my cell phone, damn it! It didn't come to me until we were driving home...

Sue leaves for Reno -- and her cribbage tournament there -- tomorrow. Her daughter Candy is sick, so hopefully all will go well at home while she's away. (Nicole is 12, but they never leave her home alone. As getting her to school and back again without Sue is a problem, I said why not just keep her home Friday and Monday? But she'd be alone, so I guess that's no-go. Wow, and I was babysitting three kids at once at ten... I just can't relate. I think this is a nice reminder to Candy and Nicole of all that Sue does -- which can easily be taken for granted...)

Say! It's not even 5:00 p.m. yet, and I've already finished the garbage and recycling. Go, ME!!! Of course, today isn't like a garbage day at all (seriously, Dad), as it's totally sunny and lovely outside! Chilly, but that's okay...

And now this is officially way too long, so I'm quittin' for now!

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