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Details? I'm Working Through My 'To Do' List Today...

I started out by organizing MYSELF today -- cleaning out my backpack and so on. Making sure my Kindle was charged, my iPods were charged and so on. (And making sure the devices to charge them -- plus my phone -- were all in one easy-to-find place.) Yeah, I carry too much stuff around in my backpack, so I was trying to cut that back a bit. And also organize my portable DVD player, my laptop and so on. It feels GOOD to get more organized (and this was easy stuff to sit quietly and do).

Then I discovered all these random notes to myself about work (and other things) that I needed to tackle. Reminders about the new banner for the festival website, reminders about IT projects and on and on. I started typing up notes I needed to keep, tossed out things that were done and then began to actually DO some of the work I had notes about.

I've now changed the Home page banner at the festival website, added a 'button' that leads to our ticket page, tried out some different code for the SSI menu (and it WORKED!!!) and did some image-related tasks. That lets me check some very big items off my 'To Do' lists, so I'm happy right now.

Beside my computer (in my home office) are several papers with random notes that I need to further organize. There's a note about ClubRunner, a long list of IT projects (some done, many not), there's a paper with instructions for gacking text from a PDF (to share with the Staff) and instructions on how to shut down the Server and Phone Server (which I need to do soon for some building maintenance). I rarely ever trust myself to remember things, and always ask others to '...send me an email about that...' -- because email is a great an important NAG for me! (And as I've mentioned before, my Unread at work and Inbox at home are my 'To Do' lists for so many things -- work-related and personal.)

Some days I don't feel very organized...

But other days, I'm pretty proud of how organized I can be! Especially about the way I organize what I need to do. Yeah, don't come look at my bedroom (!!!) because it's a nightmare. But you can check out my folder system on my jump drives, external hard drive, work and home computers anytime! (grin)

Now I need to get more organized in my home life. And to focus some of this energy on taking care of ME. It's decidedly time to get more healthy...

It's a goal!

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