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National Disaster -- Local Involvement

We've been glued to the set watching the coverage of the terrible natural disaster footage in the wake of Katrina. Just awful. The worst natural disaster in the history of our nation!

We're anticipating that oil and gas prices will soar, of course. We were discussing whether or not to order our heating oil early, when we decided in favor of donations, instead. (Of course, the two or three hundred dollars we'd use on oil isn't that much. Still, every dollar is needed. And we can wait and get oil later, like usual -- even if it does mean paying more...)

We're pretty proud that we live in a city (state and area -- the Pacific Northwest, specifically) that is well known for sending aid when needed both nationally and internationally. I suspect we'll finally decide to make contributions to more than one organization...

Interestingly enough, our local Mercy Corps doesn't have anything up at this point about relief for Katrina -- though the national site (linked here) does.

Both our local Red Cross and the national one focus on it, though. NW Medical Teams is directly out of Portland.

I'd encourage any of you reading that can afford to do so to send money. The focus is on actual cash donations, aside from asking for qualified volunteers (of course). Even a few dollars will help if a lot of people decide to help out. It all adds up!

Back at VACATION CENTRAL, we're thinking about going to see "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith" tonight. It's playing second run at a local theater we really love going to -- an older buidling located just outside Portland (in Gresham). Cheap fun! They always draw huge crowds, by the way. Very fun! It's like going to a rural theater to see a movie. Lots of the locals won't have bothered to see the movie during the initial release, having waited for second run. (Loads cheaper that way, after all!) We always get a kick out of it -- it's like seeing a film when it's just been released! Big house full, enthusiastic audience.

It was tough over the weekend and both Monday and Tuesday dealing with April's sudden failure (and death yesterday). That, combined with our worry about the disaster -- and the not-so-perfect local weather -- has made the beginning of Marilyn's mistressmarilyn much-needed vacation a bit less successful than I might wish!

Still, we're life-long optimists who believe in keeping your chin up, come what may!

We'll do what we're able to do to help the victims of Katrina. (And stick with that for the long haul -- and not just in this early 'heat of the moment' time while media focus is there.) We're certainly able to deal with loss, having been through it so many times in our lives. (It helps to have a strong belief that there is something after this life ends -- and having a sure knowledge that April is relieved of her suffering and waiting to see us again someday in a much better place.) And it's hard to bitch about the weather when others are in so much misery!

While it's clearly not 'all about us' by any means, I'd still like to have Marilyn get some days of relaxation and enjoyment. She deserves it, after all.

I've got so much I want to post! Pictures I want to share and recent happy developments to share! Hopefully I'll find some time to post it all...

Meanwhile, we're spending a lazy day at home after staying up all night (literally). It's been fun, I have to admit! (There's something so nice about staying up and playing games and watching TV and screwing around in general.)

We had a huge mess of fried green tomatoes and zuchinni -- with some red tomatoe slices thrown in for good message -- for a late dinner last night. With a couple of Corona Lights! (Actually, we used the new beer glasses June and Jim gave Marilyn for her birthday, and had beer with Clamoto juice. Delicious!!!)

More later! Off to watch more U.S. Open Tennis!

(Oh! And how do you all like my new icon, 'Happy Charlie'??? That's one of my two favorite vests I'm wearing. I've had more compliments on that vest than any piece of clothing I've ever owned, believe it or not! I hardly ever wear it that somebody doesn't comment...)
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