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Sleepy Sunday.

I've spent most of the day sleeping and reading my Kindle. What a lovely time!

It's raining outside. And a few minutes ago, one of the neighbors set off a TON of noisy fireworks. It sounded like they were blowing up cars and houses to me. VERY ANNOYING. (If this was about the Superbowl, then how about they find a quiet way to celebrate? Or keep their noise to themselves, at least... sigh...)

We had Mexican for dinner -- and a fresh pot of coffee (I'm sipping at a cup as I type).

We watched "Black Death" (which I mentioned HERE) so Marilyn could see the rest of it last night. It almost killed her to stay awake to the end after the day she'd had! (Of course, for me it was the second viewing. And I enjoyed it even more than the first time. Well worth watching!)

Today we've been watching old movies, like "Lord of the Rings."

I'm downloading more free books for my Kindle right now. Then I'll go for a nap and read some more. Not that I don't already have tons of books to read, mind you! But downloading them is so much fun...

Tags: 2011, books, coffee, february-2011, food, kindle, marilyn, movie, sunday, tv, weekend

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