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New Printer from Costco: HP Officejet 6500A Plus

Sister Sue and I did go to Costco today -- mainly so I could (finally) get a new printer for at home.

You might remember me talking about getting our then-new Kodak printer last January, 2010 (actually purchased in December 2009). I later mentioned HERE how much we ended up HATING that Kodak printer. Because of the LIES told in the ads for these Kodak printers, I no longer trust or respect the Kodak brand, by the way. I'm still surprised I allowed myself to be taken in, but I suppose it's a good thing if it keeps me away from Kodak products in the future. (And I tell this to anyone who cares to listen, as well...)

Prior to that purchasing mistake, I've always recommended Hewlett-Packard (HP) printers -- and that's almost all we've ever owned (with the exception of some early printers we bought back in the days of our very first computer). My experience with HP printers has been excellent, though there's no doubt in the world that the ink for these is spendy as hell.

Anyway, I bought a NEW printer today -- and am back to HP! I got the HP OFFICEJET 6500A Plus. (See it at the official site HERE. And read a review about it at PCMag.Com HERE.)

Photo share!

New Printer: HP Officejet 6500A Plus

New Printer: HP Officejet 6500A Plus

It's HEAVY, but I have to keep reminding myself that it's actually considered an office model, and not a home printer. Plus I suppose that's really a good thing. (smile) I didn't necessarily think that when I was hauling it around today -- or lifting it to get it in the right place in our home office!

I've only started to test it out, but so far I'm quite impressed! As for size, I'm happy to report that it fits nicely in the spot where our old printer was kept -- without moving anything that sits next to it on the stand. (I was worried it would be bigger and need more space...)

It's such a relief to have a working printer again! I can't say what a pain it's been to go for several months with no printer at home -- a true inconvenience. And the cost seems so reasonable to me! Of course, the last HP printer I bought cost around $350 (and did less). But that's what printers cost back then, of course.

Marilyn got home late (the only one at the office for ages after everyone else had left). We had leftovers for dinner, then got the movie "Black Death" On Demand, featuring Sean Bean and Eddie Redmayne. (You can read about it HERE at Wikipedia -- but be mindful that it totally SPOILS, telling the entire story in detail. However the link above gives details without spoiling...)

She fell asleep during it. Little wonder, as she had many intense meetings today, never got one break and worked late -- after a really busy week. I'm glad she's getting some rest, as she has a really LONG work today again tomorrow (and will be on her feet for hours on end). Anyway, I did enjoy the movie. It wasn't what I expected and had a very unusual end...

Now I'm headed for a much-needed nap! Maybe I'll play around more with the new printer when I wake up...

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