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Three New Interns!

Three new interns started today at the festival -- which means I gave computer orientation for each of them. I'm impressed with each of them and how much they know! I think they're excellent additions to our TEAM! (I've never done three people in one day before, so that was quite the thing. I'm glad it's done, anyway. Three more to do in March!)

I also spoke with Rosanna about our new Verizon phone plan that's in the works -- and sounds very cool! Rosanna is really working it, I have to say -- saving the festival money and making our lives easier.

Marilyn and I did get to take a lunch break, and took a ride on Sauvie Island. The weather was cold but sunny and clear -- really lovely! (We're so blessed here in Portland.)

Kris was in late afternoon and got Carol's dual monitor set up. He's going to check out the computer Rosanna brought in, as well. Originally he thought it didn't work -- now he wants to plug it in tomorrow morning to see if it just might. If it doesn't, we'll cannibalize it for parts. Or as Marilyn told Rosanna, "Think of it as an organ donor for other computers." (smile)

I tried to deal with Laura's issue with her Calendar in Outlook 2007 -- which is apparently a COMMON problem. Thanks, as always, Microsoft. (sigh) I'll see in the morning if I can get it working or not. Otherwise we might be talking her needing a whole new machine. (big sigh)

Chris asked me about evaluating the computer skills of candidates for the job in his department. This would apparently happen next Tuesday. We'll see how that goes... (When it comes to evaluating computer skills, I do need to be the one involved in this, frankly. It's part of my job, after all.)

Tomorrow is our Board Meeting. Laura did the PowerPoint and will be running it -- she's very excited. Not a uniform event (happily). I need to get my ass over there first thing tomorrow morning to check out the WiFi. Our President (Sue B.) wants us to have some laptops there to help people with setting up their ClubRunner accounts (about time).

It's past 9:00 and I'm beat. I'm headed for a nap. I need to do the garbage and recycling when I get up. (I should color my hair, but I doubt that's happening...)

The good news is that I was supposed to maybe work Friday afternoon at the office, and now I shouldn't need to. I've got plenty of work to do for the festival at home, so that's fine by me. Plus sister Sue and I are supposedly going to Costco Friday morning...

I have a bunch of things aside from the Board Meeting to tackle tomorrow, so it should be another busy day.

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