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Crazy. Not My Day. ME. (heh)

Okay, yeah, I did stay home (sick) today. I did sleep in this morning. I did feel a little better (but, NO, I haven't touched food today -- only liquids).

So I've been working for hours. Hours and hours. And it's been (as usual) a TON of IT-related CRAP. (Yeah, I'm to the point of being very annoyed by IT. We're in Season, things are busy and I'm not in the mood for it -- especially today.)


Okay, since starting this, I've been working on MORE IT stuff (heavy sigh). And I actually had a cup of soup (chicken noodle) and a cup of coffee. I have the headache from HELL now, but I'm hanging in there!

I just set up six (!!!) phones for all but one of our new interns -- three of these start work tomorrow. That's a lot of work to do, by the way. The new Shoretel phone system (which I HATE with a white-hot passion) is absolutely not at all user-friendly. And considering I'm comparing it to our old DOS-based system, it's a sad statement! (I'd kill to have the old phone system back, as much as I hate the new one! It was one hundred times easier to use. And, no, I'm being fair. If anything, I'm being kind to the Shoretell system...)

Anyway, everyone will have phones from the get-go, which is a good thing.

I tried to fix Angel's computer issue, but what a can of worms! He couldn't Remote to it, which is a problem, as he's only in the office one day a week, so he usually Remotes. I discovered that his Remote Desktop settings were wrong (using Ashley at the office to be my eyes and hands). But these were grayed out! So I had to have her log in as Admin and change the settings to give him administrative rights to his computer. Then back on as him, tried the settings again. Tried a reboot. Tried everything I was willing to try and threw in the towel. This computer was working fine. Kris added additional hard drive space, and now it's messed up -- and that (of course) happens when you change things drastically. But it's no use to me the way it is, so now it's Kris who needs to look it over. I'm done. Stick a fork in me. I need to move on to other tasks...

Marilyn contacted me to tell me the PDFs on one of the PSSCA website pages weren't working. I FTPed in and found that they weren't there, period. Hard for 'em to work if they're not uploaded! We KNOW we'd checked them, so this is odd. Anyway, I had to hunt for them and FTP 'em up (again?). This reminded me that even though I have a certain way I handle PDFs (because of size), I need to make sure they stay in the proper folder on my website jump drive. It's ridiculous to have to go on safari to figure out where the PDFs happen to be!

By the way, if this sounds easy, it isn't. I literally manage thousands of folders (well over 2,000 at last count), and thousands and thousands of actual files (like PDFs). So if I don't keep this perfectly organized, I'm in big trouble! Happily, over the years I've learned a complex and detailed folder and sub-folder system that really works for me. That's probably why I find the system at the festival office so reasonable to work with! It's quite a bit like my own system.

The average person is fascinated (daunted?) by my system. But I've seen eyes glaze over when they watch me navigating it. But WOW, does it ever keep me going!!!

My headache wants more medicine, so I think I'm headed for pills. I might even lie down when Marilyn finally gets home from work (!!!).

I HATE this Windows 7 thing with photo downloads. I need to figure out a way around it. I have tons of photos to DL from two different cameras, and my laptop decided to be an ass and mess up, too. (sigh) Look, it's the little things that are maddening right now, I guess.


I guess I need to just FINISH this entry! I need a nap. It's now almost 8:00 p.m. This was a long day. And tomorrow will be longer (or seem that way).

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