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I've been sick all afternoon -- but not in bed. I was sitting on a towel much of the time. Yeah, that's totally TMI -- sorry about that! Just a fact... (And throwing up, too. Brother...)

I did get to go to lunch with sister Sue, though. (For her bday.) But got sick part way through. I'm glad she brought me home when she did!

I got some work done for the PSSCA website that Marilyn sent me. And I did a TON of IT stuff this morning, before going to lunch. Oh! I also got some festival website work done, as well. (Good thing, as there's a ton more to do...)

Now I'm shivering and sneezing and have aches and a headache. It sucks. I need to be at work the next two days, regardless.

Marilyn was actually home by 5:00 p.m. tonight -- which is a miracle, frankly. She still feels pretty lousy, so I think we're both headed to bed. (At least for now.) We each have work that needs to get done, but neither of us feels like it right now!

I hope some rest will improve the situation. It would be nice to stay healthy this year, as much as possible. But Marilyn and I don't let being sick keep us from working. So we'll get things done, one way or another.

I just feel YUCK right now. (sigh)

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