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Quiet Day? Pretty Much...

Marilyn, sister Sue and I started to head to the beach (to celebrate Sue's birthday, which is tomorrow) -- but Marilyn wasn't feeling well, so we turned around early and came home.

At least we three got to talk a bit, which was nice. And we'll find time to celebrate at some point, for sure...

Then Marilyn and I slept much of the afternoon, which is something we can always use -- more sleep. She's not feeling awful, but still isn't 100%. She's amazing, even so. (Being sick -- or somewhat under the weather -- barely slows her down, frankly.)

I did finish reading (I should say re-reading) my book, "They Thirst," written by Robert McCammon. The poor old paperback was falling apart as I read it, so I suppose I should try getting it again. Good thing I don't want to buy it NEW, as it's listed for $219.67 at Amazon.Com (!!!). You can get used copies for reasonable prices, but the condition doesn't seem to be all that great... And, no, they don't have this book for Kindle!

I first read it years ago. Actually, the very first time I read it, our friend Mitch loaned it to me. So I didn't own it for several years. Anyway, I guess I won't be tossing out the old one, even if the pages are falling out!

We're headed to WalMart to shop soon. We've got a long list of things we need...

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