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Saturday Accomplishments (So Far)...

Yes, we stayed up to see the tennis late last night. And, yeah, all these middle-of-the-night (early morning) Australian Open sessions are killing both of us, sleep-wise. (Or rather, lack-of-sleep-wise!!!)

We did sleep in, though, which was very nice!

Then Marilyn headed off for her hair appointment, and I started to goof off (just a little) online. Before I wasted hours on fun, I finally decided to start packing up the box for my friend Sandy (who lives in Massachusetts). Marilyn and I have known Sandy -- and been friends with her -- for many years now. We met her via fandom, when we were running an international fan club that Sandy was a member of. We've never met Sandy, but we used to write huge letters back and forth. And we've talked on the phone many, many times.

Unfortunately, Sandy doesn't own a computer and isn't online -- which means it's harder to keep in touch with her these days!

This box should have been sent for Christmas, but with the December we had, it didn't happen. Obviously I've had a time getting myself to do this since then, as it's now more than a month late! I needed to gift wrap the contents, then box them up for mailing. It's now ready to go to the post office, at long last...

That task took me a couple of hours, believe it or not! (Marilyn and I agree that Christmas and gift-giving is exhausting, which is unfortunate. We love giving gift cards, which makes life easier and often is the most pleasing gift someone can receive, too. Looking at the size of the box -- plus the weight -- I suspect it's going to cost a fortune to mail!)

In festival work, I made corrections to my Excel spreadsheet of our 2011 Computer Equipment (that tells who has what, where it's located and on and on). I also made a spreadsheet that shows ACTIVE computer numbers on the Server -- and numbers available for use. Considering one of my computer issues this past week was due to putting a computer on the network with the SAME name (number) as another computer (!!!), I'd like to be sure it doesn't happen again in the future... (Of course, I did say, "Don't we already have a 20?" when it was happening, for all the good that did me.)

On the website side, I received the Clown Corps page submission from Ashley this past week, but didn't plan to do it until Monday. But I figured if I got it done today, I wouldn't be stressing it next week (as we want to do the Clown Corps launch then). Anyway, it's done -- and that's a good thing!

Marilyn and I have been down in the family room snacking on leftovers and watching "El Dorado," a long-time favorite movie. We love the characters, love the actors (especially John Wayne) and know this film almost by heart, we've seen it so many times.

Now Marilyn is napping, and I'm planning to head that way soon, too. We've got the final night of tennis today -- and we've been thinking about going to see a movie. (I think the movie is probably not happening, but we really want to see "The Rite," which just opened yesterday.)

So even though it's a 'lazy Saturday,' I've already been productive! (Marilyn, too, as getting her hair done is a big deal...) There's more festival work I could finish if I feel like it (it's tempting to sit right now and do a couple more webpages), but we'll see what happens with that. I'm tired and ready to lie down and read and nap, so that's good, too.

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