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Friday Night! (woo hoo)

We're home and NOT working. It's Friday night, and it FEELS like a party to me. (smile)

We had deli (including some delicious Italian bread) for dinner. Then we got the movie "Red" On Demand. But part way through Marilyn started to fall asleep -- so we'll watch the rest of it later on. (I was REALLY enjoying it, anyway!)

I love Bruce Willis, so shoot me if you don't. (And I think he's aged very nicely, thank-you-very-much!)

I'm now going to grab the cats and my Kindle and go down for a nap. We've got the Women's Final of the Australian Open tonight, and I'm excited about it!

Rich phoned a bit ago to ask if we'd call him on his cell and wake him so he'd be sure to see it. I was all good with that! (grin) It's hard for him to stay up at night, but he's cool with it on a Friday night, when he can sleep in the next day. Marilyn, too, can sleep in, as her hair appointment isn't until something like 11:30.

I did take the time to do backups of both of my most essential jump drives today. (One has all the festival website stuff, the other is full of IT and more.) I was surprised to discover that Titan Backup is no more. I guess they were bought out. Now it's GFI Backup (that link takes you to the FREE Home Edition, by the way). It's obviously the same application, as I did a DL (download) and tried it out -- and it worked perfectly with my old Titan backups!

I need to FORCE myself to do this at least once a week, considering how essential those files are in my life. It's a really simple-to-use software that's very user-friendly. (I mentioned it in a previous entry HERE, back in May of 2009.)

Off for a nap! I really need to catch up with all of my friends here -- I haven't read a thing to speak of in days...

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