CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,


I had to go to the office today for a couple of IT EMERGENCIES. (sigh)

Yes, even though I announced in Staff meeting on Tuesday that I wouldn't be available for festival work the rest of this week. I did say that they could only call with an emergency, so naturally they found some! Happily sister Sue (and Nicole) were available to drive me down, so after quickly washing my hair and throwing on clothes, I was off to the office.

Anyway, I was in a good mood, even if my plans were messed up. Actually, I was probably in a better mood than yesterday, for whatever reason.

I got a lot done, but have more I'd love to get to (maybe tomorrow?) via Remote Desktop. I didn't quite finish setting up all the phones (the back end) for the seven interns, because Marilyn was feeling crummy and just wanted to leave. She had another very busy day, so I don't blame her.

We picked up deli on the way home and had a quick bite. Now I'm headed for a much-needed nap. We're hoping to get up to watch Australian Open tennis, though I admit I fell asleep last night and missed Rafa going out...

My friend Donn is doing a little better! He got the cast off his hand and was back in the shop today -- able to both 'work and play' (as he said). He was also off his pain meds, which is good news.

Sister Sue is going Friday to see her friend Nancy, I'm happy to report.

Henry is hanging in there, though he's still not 100%, poor baby.

TOMORROW I will be working on our home computers!!! I need to finish at least PART of the setup if we're going to be able to get our WORK done here at home. (sigh)

Meanwhile, website stuff is piling up and the IT projects keep on a-comin'. I'm hanging in there, but there are going to be a few changes in 2011 -- because I plan to have a life this year. (smile)

Nap time!

Tags: 2011, australian-open, busy, donn, festival, festival-website, food, henry-tudor-cat, it-manager, it-related, marilyn, nap, rafael-nadal, sister-sue, tennis, tired, work

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