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IT Means MS Office 2007, QuickBooks and More...

Marilyn and I got in the door from work at 9:15 p.m. -- I headed straight next door to June's to see what I could do with her computer issues. I spent an hour, but couldn't reason out her issue. I tried several things, but she'll need to take it to Donn, because I'm stumped...

As for the festival office, Kris and I got a TON done today. I put MS Office Suite 2007 on numerous computers. Then I did settings and tweaks for almost EVERYONE using it.

Kris and I figured out equipment for the six interns and swapped out Christie's computer for a different one (meaning I set her Office 2007 up twice). We also upgraded Angel's computer.

I set up the new interns. Gave them Profiles on the Server -- then logged on to each of their computers and set them up. This is a bigger deal than it sounds, requiring setting up each element of Office (especially Outlook), setting desktop icons, pinning icons to the Start, setting up the Quick launch, setting up fonts and on and on. I have specific ways I like things done and I'm very picky about it.

We also got the finance issues resolved (this took quite a bit of time) with QuickBooks, where to put the data and how to set up access for various users -- changed from last year. I won't go into how annoying this was, but Aimee has QuickBooks access (as does Carol), and that was a major goal. (Aimee will free Ashley to stop using QuickBooks and focus on Events...)

Anyway, it was busy, exhausting, frustrating and -- yeah -- satisfying, day. I was hopeful we'd finish up the equipment for the most part for 2011, but it's not quite there, yet. If we get the three new computers we're supposed to (???), then we'll do some bumping of equipment.

And if we don't get another stick of equipment, then we've got enough to get us through the year (with three more computers upstairs in the IT Room). We need more RAM for several computers, which Kris is going to get. Some of the flat screens are small, but at least they ARE flat screens! So I'm not unhappy.

Marilyn is working out, we've both watched some of the Australian Open (Murray's match) and I just had a bite to eat. (All I had during the day was a candy bar, some Oreos and peanut butter crackers -- plus Crystal Light water with loads of caffeine! Oh, and two bites of Marilyn's sandwich, but I don't like turkey, so...)

I'm NOT doing any festival work the rest of the week, except maybe a few website-related things that can't wait. I got my IT documents to Rosanna yesterday, as promised (though I've yet to hear back from her about that email). I'm ahead on the website, which is a good thing. We've got a bunch of pages to ADD this year -- and I might be helping code another site, as well...

Now I'm thinking about reading a book, or watching TV or just napping. I'm not sure which. I'm tired. My head is still spinning with thoughts about June's computer (!!!) and Christie's (her damn Profile didn't migrate, so several things aren't working right -- and we went BACK to the office because I'd forgotten to finish her up). Napping sounds nice, but I imagine I'm too wound up to try that right now.

Marilyn had a tough day -- and there was a big budget thing she had to deal with. (I don't envy her day at all, believe me.)

I can't think of anything else right now, so I guess that's it for today. One of these days I'll post something that's not quite so boring! (smile)

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