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Bad Moments With My Home Email -- But Disaster Was Averted!

Something happened with my Home email today. Suddenly I LOST hundreds (maybe even thousands) of emails!

I tried to reason it out this evening, using easy methods (compressing folders, opening and closing, re-booting the computer) -- but nothing was working! I got out my notes on how to do it and tried fixing what was there -- no go.

Part of my issue is still Windows 7. Learning a new OS is hard enough, without dealing with any additional problems (like messed up email). Just trying to look at photos and copy one to save in another spot is a total PAIN, for whatever reason.

I have festival work I need to be doing right now, so this will be short. I was actually checking my email for a piece of related info when this all happened...

Anyway, using my notes, I managed to move what I had from BEFORE the time Kris moved everything over for me. Obviously I've LOST all emails that I got since then (sigh). But it was far worse at one point, so I'll take nine missing days of emails over what was gone earlier in the day!

Interestingly enough, I did all of this in under an hour. Considering it took much longer before, it simply proves I could have actually done this myself. As Marilyn said, if I'd been more confident, I could have simply tackled it in the first place. I HAD done it before, after all, with total success. But I remembered it as being difficult, and simply didn't want to face it. I mean, I get so much IT now at work, it's much harder to face it at home!

Funny how sick it makes me feel to lose over a week of emails. It's silly, but true! And I think of all the time I recently spent organizing my email and feel crappy that I need to do it all over again. (sigh)

But, again, this could have been awful -- and really wasn't.

And I learned some things I want to do for the future to be more careful.

Now I just need to figure out how Marilyn and I can back up our email, against potential issues in the future!

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