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Interesting and BUSY Day -- Focused on the Festival Website!

Until I'm coding like MAD again (as I was today), I tend to forget how much I love doing it. Today -- working in my home office -- my focus was on the festival website. I had several submitted pages I needed to tackle, plus I needed to create a bunch of entirely new pages for CityFair (our new version of WFV).

I'm personally very excited about this change to CityFair -- and really invested in helping to make it a success. I think a lot of great brainstorming has been done, and that we're going to find ourselves really happy with the outcome. But I've known from the get-go that I didn't want to make the mistake we made in the past, where we didn't rename the website sub-directories that will feature CityFair. That means I needed an entirely new sub-directory, with a page for each webpage that was previously WFV (currently four total). It also means that each of the OLD pages needed special coding to replace what was previously there! For example, we don't toss out each page we're eliminating, because there are still lots of URLs floating around that direct visitors to those pages. This means we need meta tags, which are hidden information written especially for 'spiders' to read, that tells search engines to now ignore the old pages. I also remove the counter code, so that when people go to these 'dead' pages, they aren't being counted.

It's a lot of work, but happily it's well started now -- and ready for the real information to be dropped in when it's submitted to me! I created a new banner for the top of the page and used 2010's information to make base pages. All good!

As I mentioned, I got almost all of the currently submitted pages done, too. And I worked on our annual Calendar page, so the 2011 dates are starting to make sense. As I told Marilyn, I'm pretty excited that so much has been done prior to the end of January, putting us way ahead for the website this year.

And the IT side of my job?

Of course there was plenty of that to tackle, even when it wasn't on my 'To Do' list. (smile)

Carol was having trouble with her Outlook 2007, so I remoted in to work on it. Ashley was out sick today, so I phoned and had Alex (our Seasonal Events Assistant -- who ROCKS like crazy) help me, by being my arms there in the office. I did a repair and reboot and some setting adjustments, and Carol is now good to go.

Yesterday I'd worked on the issue we were having with old (pre-Access 2007) database files not wanting to open in the new Access. Carol and I are going to discuss this next week, but I think we'll totally be golden from now on. Carol does a GREAT job managing our cyber-database, which is actually hosted online -- which means it's easy to access from wherever the user happens to be. We're going to discuss giving access to some Board Chairs so they can help maintain their own information (always good for our very small and limited Staff).

I'm really delighted with how much work I got done today, knowing Marilyn was in almost non-stop meetings at the festival office. Rich and I talked a couple of times (and emailed back and forth), our goal of getting his dual monitors set up (Kris did that today) not quite working out 100% -- but we did work on the dotCal calendar at length. Rich is such a good guy! I love working with the man.

I found out Kris left his VERY SICK mother in the car outside our office (!!!), rather than having her come in to wait while he set this up today! Our president, Sue, saw her out there with her oxygen tank (!!!) and was upset -- but we all were when she told us about it! His mom would have been very welcome to sit inside in comfort, had any of us known... (Poor thing.)

After Marilyn got home from work we were both so tired that we went to lie down almost immediately to nap. Even though it's almost midnight, we still haven't had our dinner. So I'm about to fix something and we're going to eat. Happily we both took lunch breaks today (!!!), so this isn't our first meal of the day, anyway.

Our goal is NOT to do festival work this weekend for a change (though I must finish the documents I promised for Rosanna -- but that shouldn't take me long). It's supposed to be nice weather, so maybe we'll get a long drive in.

Sister Sue has the Portland Open this weekend, and Reno coming up soon (cribbage). Her dear friend Nancy -- who turns 80 next month -- took a bad fall this week and won't be able to attend either event. Sue and Nancy were supposed to go to both together, so Sue's very disappointed. Plus Nancy broke her arm in a spot they can't cast -- and it's awful trying to manage it. She may end up permanently in a nursing facility after this...

Sue very kindly dashed me to Freddies to get a bag of sugar so I could make nectar for my poor starving hummingbirds! Yes, we have them year-round here, because it's so mild. But they count on those of us who feed them (there are no flowers for food in January), so no sugar is a BAD thing! I also got the additional external USB ports for our new computers (I LOVE Belkin, which works well for laptops and desktops -- and requires no additional power).

I still need to download a bunch of photos -- hopefully soon!

On that note, I'm off to fix dinner! I actually read a bunch of my LiveJournal Friends today, and even commented here and there. I hope I can do more of that this weekend!

Life is GOOD (of course)!

(And I'll have a Henry update shortly. Sorry I haven't been posting about him!)

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