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Email As 'To Do' Lists

I've mentioned it before, I know, but for me, my email is my 'To Do' list -- both at work and here at home. (I started to say "...both at the office and at home..." but considering both places are OFFICES, I changed it. For that matter, I also work in both places... BUT let's not go there!)

Anyway, I'm EXCITED by my current email stats!


Inbox: 18


Unread: 149
Inbox: 124

The amazing thing is my INBOX for home being down to 18 items! Wow. That means my 'To Do' for website is less than 20 things. (And frankly, not all 18 are website-related.)

Of course, not everything that needs to be done at the website comes to me in emails, so it's not 100% accurate. But close!

As for the festival office, having unread at 149 is good, too. It's not really all things I need 'To Do' -- in many cases it's just stuff I want to remember currently for one reason or another. (smile) Yeah, it's a wacky system, but it works for me!

I also need to check to see that I've got attachments and embedded stuff removed from my festival emails, to take care of the whole email size issue (I haven't done that recently, and need to always be a 'good example' for others). Anyway, I feel pretty golden about this right now! (woo hoo)

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