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Brutal IT Day at the Festival

The IT projects planned last week for Tuesday ended up being pushed back to today (mainly because of our big event yesterday at SMC). I knew we had a ton to do from the meeting Kris and I had with Marilyn in her office -- and because we're just racing to get everything done now that it's January...

I had a meeting with Jeff this morning that was pretty painful. We both felt strongly about something -- and we always respect each other entirely. But it was almost impossible to come to an agreement on what to do. I think he felt I was being needlessly threatening, by the way. This is partly a case of us NOT agreeing on the importance of our interns and their equipment (and I figure he'll feel differently about interns when he's using them directly this year for CityFair), which is neither here nor there. There was no RIGHT versus WRONG -- just his view and mine. I adore Jeff and always will, regardless of how hard things like this might be...

Marilyn was in meetings almost all day long, so grabbing her and Kristen to discuss the fallout of meeting with Jeff was ROUGH -- and required me to take them both away from other meetings. But I got them for a few moments and we came up with a plan to keep me sane -- and get things ready -- in spite of all the confusion.

Here's the bottom line: The capital budget WILL pass on February 10. I've been assured it's going to happen by many people. But we have to let the process happen, so I can't purchase equipment prior to that day, no matter what.

I've got a complicated bump-down system of what happens when the three brand new computers come in. Laura gets one, Ashley gets one and I get one. Then our three computers will go to interns and we'll have plenty of GOOD equipment for everyone! But until this happens, we three keep our own computers, and Kris and I are scrambling to find machines.

We'll put things in place for now -- then move things around later. Basically it's as I said: It's going to cost us more $$$, because I'll need Kris to make it all happen, and we'll be setting the same people up twice. But it is what it is. I try to save money whenever possible, but I can't work miracles.

Marilyn told me tonight that she did a conservative estimation of what I've saved the festival since taking over as Webmaster & IT Manager. She put the amount between $80,000 - $100,000 (conservatively speaking). You know, that's something to be proud of, and believe me, I am! (She explained her reasoning, and I think she's right -- it's probably closer to $100,000...)

I was rushing all around the office today, like a chicken with my head cut off. (surprise) I showed Pattye how to gack an IRS PDF document that they'd set to view only (so she could drop it in Word and print it out). She asked me, "How do you know this stuff?" (in the kindest way), and I answered, "I don't know, Pattye. I just have to!"

I got MS Office 2007 on several machines, reasoned out the Access database issues on several computers (with Kris' help), met twice with Christie, had a brief working lunch with Kris, got QuickBooks set up on several computers and discussed various projects and issues with Kris until we were both sick of it...

We'll do it all over again (!!!) next Tuesday -- and hopefully get closer to where I want us to be. I'll only really be happy when IT is at least somewhat wrapped up -- at least equipment-wise -- and I can focus on the website, as I need to. But it is what it is. No matter what I do -- or how carefully I try to plan ahead -- IT has me by the short hairs.

Tomorrow I'll do some website edits that are sitting in the queue waiting for attention (!!!). And Marilyn and I need to set a time when we can sit side-by-side and work on the website (as we do each year). We're getting lots of questions about when things will be updated (sigh), in spite of the fact that we're far ahead of last year at this point! Hey, the website thing? No matter when things happen, I hear the same complaints every single year. We can be months ahead, and people still want it to be done yesterday... (I guess I should be flattered that everyone is there and checking it out so often... smile... which is what I WANT, after all...)

I also need to meet with Mike about the Roosevelt Alumni (the poor guy probably thinks I've forgotten him), work on the PSSCA website (!!!) and deal with other random IT stuff. Ashley and I have some Shoretel Phone issues that need addressing, for example...

Got home, was dozing while we grabbed a quick bite and waited for Amanda (Marilyn had a massage tonight, poor thing -- these are SO painful!). Then I read until I went to sleep. I woke up around 11:00 and came up to post this, only to find I had email issues I needed to fix...

Anyway, that's MY day. Sorry I'm behind reading and commenting to my friends here. Hopefully I'll find a few minutes soon!

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