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Successful Event Day! (But I'm So Tired...)

We made our 'Festival Road Trip' with two buses full of festival friends, that included Royal Rosarians, members of the Portland Rose Society, Board members, almost the entire Staff (our office was closed today, at Marilyn's suggestion) and other sundry friends (some people from PSSCA and Battle Ground, spouses, assorted parents and so on). It was a happy crowd headed for a FABULOUS brunch that included a huge ice sculpture -- and tons of cool signature at every turn!

Our President and Queen were there, Jeff's new title (CEO) was unveiled, our important new sponsorship was announced and many (many, many) photos were taken -- along with piles of video. Though we didn't expect it, it actually made a couple news stations, which is grand.

And I got the web pages up that I prepared yesterday -- as Carol managed to create her first festival YouTube -- and to handle our Social Media for this event (with Laura away on vacation).

Jeff announced all our participants, giving Marilyn an excellent introduction (as his COO -- her new title). He also had the entire Staff stand to be recognized (easy for me, as I was on my feet almost the entire time taking pictures).

I had a lovely plate of AMAZING food (yes, I took photos of it -- but have yet to download any), which included roast beef, Eggs Benedict and salad with tomatoes turned into roses! When getting the beef, the chief was excited I took one of his roses -- as he called me by name (I was wearing my festival name tag on my blue jacket). I asked his, and he identified himself as Robert Young. Very cool guy!

After brunch, we moved to another area with cool signage for a full panel Press Conference (!!!) and several speakers.

Quite a successful event day -- and Marilyn should be really proud! She did a great job getting this thing organized (something of a mirror to last year's January event, I think).

We took our buses back and were at the office prior to 2:30 p.m. (as planned) -- though somehow two people were left behind! (I guess they didn't catch the exit instructions).

By 3:00 our entire Staff was back at work -- though Marilyn and I did get home tonight by just past 6:00 (for a change). Like any event day, we were both worn out (explaining why I'm blogging so late).

I got a TON of IT done in the late afternoon, including things I hadn't really planned to do (sigh). I've got a HUGE list of IT for tomorrow -- and unfortunately, much of it is not what was originally planned for this Thursday...

I'm struggling with the fact that I'll have three new people starting by February 1 -- but I won't have my new equipment approved for purchase until the meeting on February 9 (10? suddenly can't recall -- I'm very tired). I've no clue what I'm going to do for equipment, as I'm counting on the new stuff to fill out the currently missing pieces... (sigh) IT remains a constant issue. Aw, me, the joys of IT! (smile)

Well, I've got the garbage and recycling still to do, so I'd better get to it. I need to get to bed, because tomorrow is another really busy day (and I can barely keep my eyes open).

Oh. And my cousin wanted money from Marilyn and me -- so she contacted Marilyn via Facebook for a 'loan' (which is what she always calls a handout that she'll never repay). Marilyn is so generous that she always gives her more than she asks for -- but the 'loan' request bothers both of us. We've asked her not to call it that, considering we know she will never pay the money back. (Sister Sue understandably got very bitter after years of such 'loans' that were never paid back, so let's refer to it properly, shall we?) I'd told her we were busy and out of the office today, but that she could drop by after 3:00 for the $$$. She messaged me back, which was cool. But also phoned me this morning, which was NOT. I told her I was in a meeting and did NOT have time to talk (I was -- and needed to leave shortly). She was annoyed and showed it -- which bothers me, considering. (We also had a bunch of other stuff for her, including a huge bag of clothing.) Not sure why I should be made to feel bad when we're trying to help her out -- on one of our busiest days so far this year. But I guess that's life...

Bed soon, I hope!

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