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My Canon PowerShot Camera and Windows 7? Not Good...

It was too good to last, I guess. I'm back to hating Microsoft -- and ready to hate Windows 7 over this crap.

I'm on the edge of cursing a blue streak. Not joking, I'm afraid.

All I want to do is plug in my camera, open Windows Explorer twice and move the photos to folders I create myself and TOTALLY control as I wish.

No, I don't need Windows 7 to decide how I should download things. I don't want to tag things. I want to SEE what on my camera -- and decide what to move where determined by photo dates.

Can I do this? Oh hell no.

I'm so angry I don't know what to do. I need to download a bunch of stuff before I move on to important photo-taking at tomorrows big event! I guess I'll have to do it on my laptop. And just how STUPID is that???

I've been fighting Windows 7 all day long, while trying to stay positive. I'm now officially fed up. Microsoft, you simply go to far. You really do. You're not my mother, okay? I can do things just fine without your hand holding.

Of course, not if you won't let me!

Tags: 2011, anger, january-2011, microsoft-hate, photo-related, photos, windows-7

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