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NO!!! Yahoo! Notepad Has Been 'Improved' (cue ominious music)...

GREAT. (not)

I've relied on the Yahoo! Notepad for YEARS to store important information (much of it work-related) in a secure cyber fasion. I have literally TONS of passwords there, along with loads of other info. And without any warning -- or a beta -- Yahoo! decided to change to a 'New' Notepad.

Gee, thanks loads, Yahoo!

Please note that both Marilyn and I have PAID accounts (we've had these for years). No, we don't have to have paid accounts, but we've always felt it's a good thing to pay for things you use a ton and really appreciated and want to support. I suppose it's neither here nor there that we have paid accounts with Yahoo!, but this change will have me re-thinking that for the future, anyway...

While registering my 'suggestions' -- and commenting to those of others -- someone mentioned a potential alternative AWAY from Yahoo! I feel I have no choice but to check into alternatives, so I'll be doing that.

There aren't words to express how disappointed I am. I've relied on this really WONDERFUL service for years. I've told tons of people about it. Very much based on Notepad and the functionality it used to have, I've recommended Yahoo! mail over all other web-based emails. I actually feel a bit betrayed by this sudden unexpected switch.

From what I read, nobody likes the new version -- and everyone appears to want to go back to the old ('classic') version. I wonder what will happen next?

Meanwhile, I need to scramble and make sure I have copies of everything there -- because it's no longer a reliable source for my important information.

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