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New Socks -- Old Issue With My Feet...

I'm wearing a pair of my new PowerSox (in black) right now, covering my sore right foot that Marilyn kindly worked over for me...

With my psoriasis, my feet (especially heels) crack like mad, all the time. Sometimes it's bad, like right now. A chunk of skin will protrude, and every time I step down on it I'll have the feeling that something sharp is being driven into my foot. That's not really true -- and we've often dug around looking for something (like a piece of glass, a sliver of wood, etc.), when it's only my own skin causing the issue. (sigh)

It's nice of Marilyn to help me out, as I couldn't see the spot that was bothering me.

I've now put on a thick layer of healing ointment -- and my new socks! So I'm hoping by tomorrow it will feel much better (fingers crossed).

These socks are NICE! We got them while shoe shopping at Famous Footwear this evening -- one of many errands we got done today. Marilyn got new boots to replace her eight-year-old (!!!) pair, as well as several other pairs of much-needed shoes.

We also went to the KGW shred day, taking around half a bankers box full of papers that needed shredding that we've been storing in our garage for MONTHS. (It's so nice that KGW provides this free service to the community!)

And we made a trip to the Goodwill to take the boxes we've had in our car since the end of December! (They've been in the way more than once, so it's great to get them delivered at long last.)

Plus I got my HAIR cut (!!!) today. And Marilyn had a pedicure and manicure while I was doing that.

Then I got a manicure (and skipped the pedicure for now). And we both had necessary waxing done. So our required 'day of beauty' stuff is done, happily. And our hands/nails will look nice for the trip on Wednesday!

We did some grocery shopping at Freddies, too -- and had already made a shopping trip to WalMart this weekend.

I'm glad we got so much accomplished on our free day. Anyway, it's time for bed, as we face yet another very busy week!

And Marilyn and I watched some of the Australian Open, including a great match with Makarova and Ivanovic (Makarona won, but it was really CLOSE). It's always exciting when the Australian Open is here!

That's it for Monday!

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